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Boss Fight: Moebius I

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius I boss fight found in Fiona’s Hero Quest, Transparent Dreams in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Cadensia Region.

Moebius I is a boss in Fiona's Transparent Dreams Hero Quest.

How to Beat Moebius I

Name Level Type
Moebius I 47 MoebiusOuroboros.png

We may have got to this point in a different way than normal, but the end result is the same, a tussle with Moebius! Irma’s ruse has been revealed and Fiona must defeat her former friend if she wishes to liberate Colony Mu.

A large part of this battle is having to deal with multiple False Volffs, for that reason alone, you’ll want to ensure you have at least two Tanks for the battle. Fiona is an incredibly competent Healer focusing on providing you with plenty of Buffs which should make the encounter a lot easier than you may be expecting.

Having said that, Moebius I still has some Arts you’ll want to watch out for, and you can learn more about them below:

  • Death Scream: Moebius I lets out a piercing scream that inflicts the Attack and Physical Defense Down debuffs on the entire party.
  • Torture Lesson: Moebius I will float in the air and deal multiple shots of light damage at a single target.
  • Phantom Draw: Moebius I will summon two False Volffs to her side.
  • Skull Masquerade: Moebius I will spin on the spot with her wings out, dealing light-moderate damage in an AoE around her.

The battle against Moebius I is an odd one, on paper, it should be far more difficult than it actually is. In practice, it’s not one that should cause too many issues so long as you’re fighting the battle around similar Level. This is due to the presence of Fiona in your party, her Healing abilities focus on overloading you with plenty of buffs and should you have buffs such as Evasion Up or Decoy on your Tank, you’ll often find that Moebius I will have trouble even hitting you.

The False Volffs probably provide the biggest nuisance in this battle, you’ll have to deal with three of them at the start of the battle and they have plenty of HP. Once you’re free of them, Moebius I can and will periodically summon two more by using the Phantom Draw Art. If you’ve yet to Enrage Moebius I, then make sure to dispatch them but once she’s in Enrage, forego the Volffs and focus on Moebius I instead.

She will attempt to counteract Fiona’s buffs by using Death Scream, this will place the Attack and Physical Defense Down debuffs on you which can be an issue if you don’t have Evasion Up/Decoy on you, which is a rare situation unless Fiona is incapacitated. The only other threat Moebius I has is the Skull Masquerade Art which will deal AoE damage around her, but again, nothing that plenty of buffs won’t solve.

(1 of 2) Moebius I can summon more Volffs using Phantom Draw

Moebius I can summon more Volffs using Phantom Draw (left), Fiona will overload you with plenty of buffs throughout the battle. (right)

It’s hard to recommend a specific strategy for this battle as it appears to be one that just accentuates the strengths of Fiona’s Class. Instead, don’t get complacent, ensure you keep Fiona alive at all costs and this battle should end up as one of the more easier Moebius battles.

Following your victory, you’ll liberate Colony Mu and gain Fiona as a Hero, unlocking the Signifier Class for Lanz in the process!


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