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The Big, Unseen Monster

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for The Big, Unseen Monster Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start The Big, Unseen Monster Standard Quest

Just simply approach the pair at the rest spot to start the quest

This quest is the fifth part of the Dorrin and Bambam quest line, thus you will need to have completed the other four parts before this one will appear. Those quests are as follows:

After doing the Side Story: Mio part of the main story, you will be able to freely explore most of the Upper Aetia area of the map. At the Gava Junction landmark, head straight west, until you can begin climbing the incline there. You’ll know you’re in the correct spot, if you can reach the Ladras Camp rest spot. Both Dorin and Bambam will be at this rest spot, provided you’ve finished the above quests. Approach them to start the quest.

How to Complete The Big, Unseen Monster Standard Quest

Bambam claims to have seen a huge monster, but Dorin hasn’t seen it, saying that Bambam was just seeing things. To just make sure that he wasn’t joking, the party decides to go to the spot where he saw the monster. The last spot where the monster was seen is just north of the camp, on the Piula Path. You will either need to drop off the nearby cliff, or go around to the south. Once you reach the spot, the monster is nowhere to be seen, so the party suggests setting some bait to entice it to come out.

(1 of 2) There are a good number of Ories in the area

There are a good number of Ories in the area (left), Head back to the camp to have Manana make the bait (right)

Manana will be making the bait and she will need two Thick Ories Shanks in order to make them. Thankfully, Ories are pretty common in this area, so you shouldn’t have any trouble locating them and getting the Shanks from them. Once you have them, return to the camp to have Manana actually make them, then return to where you first tried to look for the monster. Of course, it doesn’t look like the bait will actually work, but the huge monster actually appears behind you, sparking the battle with it.

You will be fighting a level 55 Itiya Darbus, which you have probably seen other varities in the Fornis Region. These things are quite sturdy and have a lot of health, so it won’t be a short battle, even if your level is above it by a few levels. It has a few AoE attacks, like Brutal Cannon lowering your Ether Defense, and Tail Flip inflicting Blowdown. Sticking to the sides will help you avoid the former, but the tail swipe move hits a good area. There is also Gaia Crash, where the Darbus jumps into the air and crashes to the ground, which has a chance to inflict Topple.

You might also have to worry about a stray enemy just waltzing in and joining the fight, so be wary of an extra monster or two doing that. Thankfully, the Darbus is quite susceptible to Combos, so if you can build your party around those, then you should be good. Likewise, you can use Burst to get rid of the Enrage status halfway through the battle. As long as you’re around the same level as the enemy, you shouldn’t have too much trouble, especially if you try to avoid the AoEs.

(1 of 3) The Darbus is going to be a longer fight, as it is quite tanky

The quest will be over after you defeat the monster. You will also automatically unlock the finale of this quest line, called So Much More to See.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
5430 1250 3 Nopon Coin (Silver) x7


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