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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Boss Fight: Moebius D & Moebius J

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius D and Moebius J boss fight in Chapter 6 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place at the Cloudkeep in the Upper Aetia Region.

Moebius D and J are a boss battle in Chapter 6 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat Moebius D & Moebius J

Name Level Type
Moebius D 54 Moebius_Ouroboros.png
Moebius J 54 Moebius_Ouroboros.png

Before you can check on the status of the queen, another rematch with Moebius D and J await, only this time, they’re not Interlinked and will attack at the same time! You’ve fought both of these Moebius on their own before, so you should have some understanding of what to expect when it comes to them.

Moebius J should be your main target, and you’ll want the party to focus on him to get him down first. This is due to Moebius J having the ability to call more enemies to the battle. You can learn all about the Arts that Moebius J has up his sleeve below:

Moebius J’s Arts

  • Incarceration: Moebius J will spin around before bringing his hands together, placing a large Blaze Field on the battlefield which will cause damage-over-time to any targets standing within it.
  • Brave Hand: Moebius J will leap forward and slam his hands down on a single target, dealing moderate damage and causing Blowdown.
  • Decoy Soul: Moebius J will summon a mini D or J clone that joins the battle. These are one level lower, have a fraction of the Arts and less HP.

Moebius D, on the other hand, is far more aggressive and agile, and you can learn more about his Arts below:

Moebius D’s Arts

  • Unstoppable Spear: Moebius D will shoot a single target, dealing moderate damage and inflicting the Blaze debuff.
  • Chaos Arch: Moebius D will dash in a straight line, causing moderate damage and inflicting Knockback to targets in their path.
  • Grim Rush: Moebius D strikes wildly at a single target, dealing moderate to major damage based on how many hits connect and inflicting Launch.
  • Dread Edge: Moebius D conjures a large orb that then explodes, dealing moderate damage to targets in front of them.

This battle starts out incredibly tough but becomes a little easier once you get Moebius D on his own (who is still no slouch). Moebius J has to be your first target, he has the ability to call Puppets with the Decoy Soul Art which will either be a mini J or D. Whenever he summons one, turn your attention to it and take it out, it doesn’t have a whole lot of HP so a focused party can get them down pretty quickly.

Moebius J will also attempt to keep up Incarceration which leaves a large Blaze field on the ground so be sure to keep out of it if he ever uses it. His only other Art is Brave Hand, and although less damaging than any of D’s Arts, it can still inflict Topple, leaving you vulnerable to a dash from D or other nasty Arts. This is a long battle, so if you think you need to use a Chain Attack for survival or to try and take Moebius J out sooner, by all means don’t sit on it.

(1 of 2) Moebius J can summon Puppets to the battlefield

Moebius J can summon Puppets to the battlefield (left), Moebius D retains most of his Arts from previous battles. (right)

Once you’re left with Moebius D, you’ll know what to expect from him. This is the third time you’ve fought some form of him, and he still retains those same Arts. The main difference here is both the higher damage output of them and the fact that Moebius D is faster in general. Once he is Enraged, he becomes incredibly dangerous as he chains his Arts together.

This is the time to make use of Burst to try and force him out of Enrage, he’s not partiucarly resistant to Reactions. If you’re having no luck with this, use Lv 3 Interlinks to put a dent into him, if you’ve upgraded the Interlink Talent Art for Noah, this can deal heavy damage. This may well be a battle where you’ll need to make use of Eunie and Taion’s Liberty Wing to revive multiple characters due to the sheer amount of damage you’ll be taking. With that in mind, consider bringing Miyabi along as your choice of Hero.

Once you fell both Moebius, take a breath and then prepare for more carnage, as another battle soon follows!

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