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Boss Fight: Lepus

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Lepus boss fight found in the Fornus region in Chapter 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Lepus is a boss in Chapter 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat Lepus

Name Level Type
Lepus 24 MachineEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png

Yet another battle against a gargantuan machine awaits you at the Old Kana Battleground. The same preparations as you made for Incomplete Siege-Lev ring true here, Tool Belts (or better) are useful, Valdi’s Chain Order is great for Chain Attacks. Truth be told, although Lepus can be challenging, he is easier than the battle against Incomplete Siege-Lev not too long ago.

Lepus has Arts that can deal some nasty damage, but nothing on the level of Erasure Buster from the previous boss, you can get a look at these below:

  • Knuckle Launcher: The Lepus shoots one of its hands at targets in front of it, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Knockback.
  • Fingers of Flame: The Lepus shoots out lasers that deals moderate damage to targets in a frontward AoE.
  • Hand Capture: Lepus will grab a single target, disabling them for a moment before slamming them into the ground dealing major damage and inflicting Smash.
  • Ground Breach: The Lepus will burrow into the ground, move along a line and then come hurtling out of the ground, dealing major damage and Blowdown to any targets in its path.

The first part of this battle, before Lepus Enrages, shouldn’t cause too many problems outside of Hand Capture. This will target a single party member and grab them before slamming them back into the ground for major damage and some aftershock damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. On harder difficulties, this can sometimes be enough to outright kill you if you’re not fully topped up on HP.

Both Fingers of Flame and Knuckle Launcher shouldn’t be a threat and you should be able to easily heal throughout provided you have at least two Healers. Ground Breach, on the other hand, is one to look out for. Once you see Lepus burrow into the ground, move your character away to either side as quickly as possible as it will go across a linear path before bursting out of the ground. Anyone caught in this will take major damage and suffer Blowdown.

(1 of 2) Hand Capture will disable a target before smashing them into the ground for major damage

Hand Capture will disable a target before smashing them into the ground for major damage (left), Ground Breach will see Lepus burrow into the ground and inflict major damage on targets within a line AoE. (right)

Valdi is a useful Hero to bring along for this battle, especially if you don’t have many other alternatives (Zeon and Gray are your other possible choices at this point) as his Order in Chain Attacks will give you plenty of TP, allowing you to extend the Chain Attack by reactivating more characters (for finishing an order with 150-200% TP). Alternatively, you can use Zeon for his Armor Veil buff that his order grants that will decrease the damage from Arts such as Ground Breach.

The Lepus doesn’t get any new Arts once its Enraged, instead it will just use Arts like Ground Breach more often meaning you’ll want to try and finish the battle as quickly as possible. Use Chain Attack as soon as it’s available and make use of Interlinking (try to get to Level 3 before using it). If you beat the Incomplete Siege-Lev without too many complications, the Lepus should be rather simple in comparison.


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