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Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Unease Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Unease Standard Quest

Look for this piece of Info to get started on this quest

Once you have access to the Erythia Sea, you should see a ? mark towards the northwest. Head to it to start the Transparent Dreams Hero Quest, which will get Fiona to join you. Doing this will also unlock Colony Mu, which will be needed to unlock this quest. After this has been done, look for a Info Gather in Colony Mu, which should be a little northwest from the main entrance. This will net you the Colony Mu’s Future Info, so head to any rest spot/canteen to discuss it and start the quest.

How to Complete the Unease Standard Quest

Fiona feels there is still some unease in the air among Colony Mu’s inhabitants, so she asks your party what she can do to help quench those fears. First, speak with Tallow, who is ready to call everyone for a meeting, but Sena suggests not doing that, as it might worry everyone. Instead, you will go to everyone, one-by-one, with four people being assigned to you. Three of them are in the main area of the colony, while Googoo will be at the Bed of Woes and Wishes. After speaking to everyone, meet up in the square for a cutscene.

To boost morale, everyone decides to go and gather food to make dinner that night a big feast. Sena wants to help out and decides to get a bunch of fish, so you will need to defeat some enemies around the island to get some.

Where to Find Aromatic Krodlax Meat

The Krodlax Meat is probably the closest item, as it’s found right off the coast of the Colony Mu Hidden Coast (the dock on the northern end). There is a number of Vikt Krodlax waiting for you in the water right off the dock/beach. They are level 46 and shouldn’t really pose much of a problem for you, especially since you can just lure each one away from the others. You should get a piece of Meat from each one, with you requiring five pieces total.

Where to Find Top-Quality Moglum Liver

The Moglum Liver will come from Grilan Moglums, which are a little south of the Conchrock Beach landmark. These things are about level 48 and a little tankier than the Krodlax enemies, plus they have two AoE attacks. However, as long as you are about the same level, then you should be more than fine with handling them. Note that there should be an Elite one in the vicinity, which may drop more than one Liver, although it’s going to be a little tougher than a normal one. You will need a total of three Livers.

(1 of 3) Use your lure to pull each Krodlax away from the group

Where to Find Rich Serprond Collar-Cut

For the Serprond Collar-Cut, you will need to hunt down a Serprond. You’ve probably seen a few of these flying around the Erythia Sea, but those are level 60+ and a little out of your league. That’s why you need a specific one, which is the Delicious Serprond that is found in the same area as the Krodlaxes. It’s probably the tankiest of the three enemies you face during this quest, and it does have a few AoE attacks, but it’s nothing that should really trouble your party.

Once you have all of the necessary items, return to Colony Mu for one final scene (guess everyone had the same idea to go fishing) and the end of the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
3320 3230 3


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