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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Boss Fight: Agnus Elites

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Agnus Elites boss fight found in the Cadensia region in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat the Agnus Elites

Name Level Type
Agnus Medic 48 Agnus_Forces_Enemies_Icons_Map_Xenoblade_3.png
Agnus Skirmisher Elite 48 Agnus_Forces_Enemies_Icons_Map_Xenoblade_3.png
Agnus Blaster Elite 48 Agnus_Forces_Enemies_Icons_Map_Xenoblade_3.png
Agnus Vanguard Elite 48 Agnus_Forces_Enemies_Icons_Map_Xenoblade_3.png

This is less of a boss, and more of a tough battle that you’ll need to push through if you wish to gain access to the Data Archives. You’re up against four standard Agnus soldiers along with an Agnus Skirmisher Elite, the main threat here.

As with all mob battles, you’ll want to first wait for your Tanks to establish the necessary aggro and then focus on dealing with the Agnus Medics as they will become a nuisance to you while you’re trying to focus on your other targets. Full Metal Jaguars work well here, as you’ll often find the soldiers will group up, just be sure to have Gems or Accessories that reduce the aggro you gain from Arts usage as you’ll soon be swarmed and killed.

The Blaster and Skirmisher Elite should be your next targets once the Medics are down, and if you’re been using Fusion Arts, you may well have a Lv 3 Interlink ready to go so make use of them to take down these two Attackers quicker. This will leave you with just the Vanguard Elite, who is the only Elite type enemy in this group of enemies so expect it to take much more of a beating.

(1 of 2) Focus on the Medics to begin with

Focus on the Medics to begin with (left), go for the Vanguard Elite once the other enemies are down. (right)

Despite being a Tank role, the Vanguard Elite does have a few Arts that can cause some issues. Aerial Slice can inflict moderate damage and Guard Position will see it increase its Physical Defense further, this is the reason why you wanted to deal with the other enemies first. Still, at this stage of the battle, you should have a Chain Attack available to you and you should make use of it to make short work of the last enemy.

Once you’ve swept the floor with this Agnus squad, you’ll be free to examine the console and obtain the Li Garte Prison Information. Depending on the order you tackle this Quest in, you’ll now have all of the information you need or you’ll need to make your way to Corne Island to track down the second lead for information on gaining access to Li Garte Prison.

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