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Boss Fight: Gyrinus

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Gyrinus boss fight found in the Cadensia region in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Gyrinus is a boss in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat Gyrinus

Name Level Type
Gyrinus 48 MachineEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png

This is the first time you’ve gone up against a Gyrinus Levnis, so it is something of an unknown quantity. Of course, it’s still a Machine type enemy, so Accessories that boost damage against them are worth their weight in gold here. You’ll also want to make sure you have your ideal party setup before this battle, as you’ll fight two more following it. With that in mind, stick with the trusty 2:2:2 (Attacker, Healer, Defender) ratio as you won’t have a Hero to help out with any of these battles.

Back to the problem at hand, the Gyrinus only has three Arts available to it, and you can learn more about them below:

  • Downpour: The Gyrinus will shoot multiple lasers in an AoE in front of it, dealing continuous damage that can inflict moderate damage should you get struck by all of them.
  • Punishment Shot: The Gyrinus will bring its arms together a shoot a large shell at a single target, dealing major damage and has a chance to inflict Daze.
  • Psychowave: The Gyrinus will bring its arms together and release a wave of energy, dealing moderate damage and a chance to inflict Shackle Arts, preventing the use of Arts for a time.

Gyrinus can deal plenty of damage, and his Arts can cause real problems, but it has one glaring weakness, it’s incredibly slow. The auto-attack for Gyrinus is slow, but it deals three hits on a single target. On the one hand, this can hit for around 1,000 HP but it also means that some of the hits may miss, massively diluting the damage it deals with its auto-attack.

Downpour is the Art you will see the most, and it’s an AoE that will most likely hit all of your party unless you’re standing far to the side of it. This will deal moderate damage to your party, but you have more than enough time to react and heal up following the Art. Punishment Shot, on the other hand, is of far more concern as it will hit for major damage and will often inflict Daze too. Especially with the attack boost when Enraged, this is an Art you’ll want to ensure your Tanks have aggro for.

(1 of 2) Psychowave will lock you out of using your Arts

Psychowave will lock you out of using your Arts (left), you can Topple and Daze Gyrinus despite its size. (right)

The final Art available to Gyrinus is Psychowave and this can cause all manner of troubles if you’re unfortunate enough to have multiple characters hit by it. It will deal moderate damage by itself, but more concerning is the Shackle Arts debuff it can inflict. This will prevent the character from using Arts for a time and it becomes especially problematic if both Healers get hit by this.

Still, Gyrinus attacks slow and can even be Toppled (despite the gargantuan size of this Levnis) which means you always have time to react to anything it does. There’s even plenty of time before the animation for any of his Arts that you can simply Break it to prevent it from using the Art in the first place. This shouldn’t be an overly tough battle at this stage of the game and merely serves as a warmup for the battles that follow!


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