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Boss Fight: Queen of Agnus

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Queen of Agnus boss fight in Chapter 6 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Agnus Castle region.

The Queen of Agnus is a boss in Chapter 6 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat the Queen of Agnus

Name Level Type
Queen of Agnus 50 AgnusForcesEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png

This is the last boss (of 5 running back to the end of Chapter 5) for a while before you regain the ability to explore the world again. Just as in Keves Castle, you’re up against the Queen of Agnus in Agnus Castle. Unlike the Queen of Keves, however, the Queen of Agnus has a Ferronis at her disposal, making her far deadlier.

Fortunately, you have a massive boon in the form of Lucky Seven for this battle. It will replace Noah’s Talent Art and usually you’ll need to work on filling it (it will be active from the start for this battle though) but once you’re ready to use it, you’ll gain a huge advantage as the Arts deal massive damage and the Talent Art even lets you do a self Smash Combo!

The Queen of Agnus is no slouch though, and you can learn more about the Arts available to her below:

  • Lightblade Duo Slash: The Queen of Agnus conjures a blade on either hand and slashes at a single target, hitting twice and dealing moderate damage should they both land.
  • Radiant Blade: The Queen of Agnus conjures a single purple blade and slashes at a single target, dealing major damage and inflicting Shackle Block and Ether Defense Down.
  • Photon Impact: The Queen of Agnus shoots multiple missiles at a single target, dealing major damage should they all hit.
  • Annihilator: Flash: The Queen of Agnus charges a large blast that deals moderate AoE damage in front of her and causes Knockback.
  • Support Executable: The Queen of Agnus charges up and grants herself the Awakening buff.

The battle against the Queen of Agnus would be a lot tougher if you didn’t start the battle with Lucky Seven available to you. It’s no understatement just how powerful this is and how long it lasts (90 seconds!) so long as you can keep Noah alive as he will most certainly pull aggro off the Queen of Agnus.

Still, the Queen of Agnus hits hard herself and most of her Arts focus on pure damage rather than relying on debuffs like some of the more recent bosses. Lightblade Duo Slash is her most common Art and, thankfully, the weakest of them but it will still deal moderate damage to a Tank if both hits should connect. Increasing your evasion or lowering the Queen’s accuracy can help with this.

Radiant Blade is the Art you should be most concerned about, however, especially for your Tanks. Not only does it have the potential to deal major damage, but it will also inflict Block Shackle and Ether Defense Down, massively weakening the ability of your Tanks to, well, Tank. This is less of an issue for Tanks that rely on Agility and evading to Tank (such as the Zephyr) but is a massive concern for those that are all about blocking (such as the Lost Vanguard).

Once you take the Queen of Agnus down to around half her HP, she’ll attempt to start using Summon Executable, this will grant her Awakening if she can get it off, giving her a whole host of nasty buffs that will make life a lot harder so try to Break her while she’s charging the Art to avoid having to deal with it.

Photon Impact is another nasty Art, although it will only strike a single character. The Queen of Agnus shoots a barrage of missiles at you and if you get hit by all of them, you’re going to take major damage. Thankfully, being a multi-hit attack, it has the same weaknesses in that increasing your evasion or decrease her accuracy to increase your chances of evading some of the attacks.

(1 of 2) Starting the battle with Lucky Seven available is a huge boost to your damage output

Starting the battle with Lucky Seven available is a huge boost to your damage output (left), beware of Arts like Photon Impact which can kill non Tanks easily. (right)

Annihilator: Flash is the last Art that the Queen of Agnus uses and it’s also her only AoE Art. She’ll fire the missiles in a small AoE in front of her, however, due to the size of the boss, most of your characters are going to get caught with this. It’ll also cause Knockback for good measure.

This is a difficult battle made easier by the circumstances in which you enter the battle. You can rely on Lucky Seven in the first half of the battle due to the sheer damage output of this incredible Talent Art. Once it’s worn off, you should be able to use a Lv 3 Interlink or have a Chain Attack ready. All of this makes the Queen of Agnus far easier than she has any right to be so long as you don’t get complacent.

Following her defeat, more scenes will take over and you’ll finally get a break from all the craziness going on, allowing you to explore the world again at your leisure.


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