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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Boss Fight: Moebius E

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius E boss fight found in Alexandria’s Hero Quest, Her Reasons in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Fornis Region.

Moebius E is a boss in Alexandria's Hero Quest, Her Reasons.

How to Beat Moebius E

Name Level Type
Moebius E 42 MoebiusOuroboros.png

You know how the story goes by now with these Hero Quests (the majority anyway), meet the Hero, defeat the Moebius, liberate the Colony. Alexandria’s Hero Quest is no different here as you’ll face-off against Moebius E in an attempt to liberate Colony Iota.

Like many of the more recent Moebius battles, you’ll have to contend with debuffs so having a way to remove them with Arts such as Cure Bullet is vital for the battle ahead. Moebius E has plenty of Arts available to him and you can learn more about them below:

  • Fire Bullet: Moebius E will shoot a single fire bullet from his hand, dealing moderate damage and inflicting the Blaze debuff to a single target.
  • Shutout: Moebius E will lash out at a single target, performing a multi-hit combo dealing moderate major damage and inflicting Knockback.
  • Moebius Dominion: Defenders: Moebius E will let out a wave of darkness, inflicting Shield Bind on all Defenders. This will bind any Defenders you have in the party.
  • Flame Pillar: Moebius E will leap into the air before conjuring a massive pillar of flames, dealing major damage, Blaze, and Blowdown to a single target.
  • Fury Ray: Moebius E will let out a barrage of rays from his chest on a single target, dealing major damage.

The main takeaway from Moebius E’s Arts is twofold, there’s the fact that the majority of his Arts will inflict the Blaze debuff so you’ll want a way to remove that. The other factor is that most of his Arts hit hard, he may not chain them together as fast as some of the other Moebius battles, but they pack a real punch, with several that deal major damage even to Tanks.

Moebius Dominion: Defenders deserves special attention, this may seem similar to an Art that Moebius B used only the difference here is that it impacts Defenders instead of Healers. The same tactic prevails here however, quickly switch to your Defenders and press the onscreen buttons to break them free of it rather than waiting for the AI to do it themselves. Moebius E hits hard and you don’t want anyone other than a Tank to take that damage.

Flame Pillar is the real danger, although he tends to use it less often than Fire Bullet. This will deal major damage and potentially the Blaze debuff to a target, even Tanks. The good news is, if you’re fortunate enough, you can knock him out of doing it as he rises in the air with a Combo should it not get resisted (much more likely on Hard). If you have Break available to you, be sure to use it when this is happening.

(1 of 2) Fury Ray is a devastating Art should it connect

Fury Ray is a devastating Art should it connect (left), Moebius E is suscepitble to Combos. (right)

Moebius E only gets one new Art once he Enrages, but it’s a powerful one, Fury Ray. This devastating Art can hit multiple times, and should it hit most of the hits, you’re going to take massive damage here and can potentially outright kill you if you’re not overlevelled here.

In general, Moebius E is a real danger once he Enrages as the addition of Fury Ray on top of an increase in auto-attack speed and strength means he can mow down your party quickly. Hopefully you’ve saved a Chain Attack for when he’s Enraged and if you’re effective with them, it’s entirely possible to deal enough damage with an Ouroboros finisher (Noah and Mio’s if possible) to make it so his Enrage is a non-issue.

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