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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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The Ouroboros Experiment

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for The Ouroboros Experiment Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start The Ouroboros Experiment Standard Quest

This quest is gotten from Colony Iota, so you will need to have done the Hero Quest, Her Reasons, to gain access to this colony. Also, you will need to do at least two other Standard Quests in order to obtain this one. Those are both Finite Time and Enemies and Allies, which can be gotten as soon as you liberate Colony Iota. It’s unclear if Harvest Day is required or not, but it’s a very short quest that doesn’t involve leaving the colony, so doing it doesn’t hurt. As soon as all of the above is done, and you are on Chapter 4 at least, head to the Canteen to find Caspar, who should have a Info bubble above their head. Speak to Caspar, who will give you the info, Ouroboros Research.

(1 of 3) Speak to Caspar to get the info for this quest

Go to a rest spot/canteen and discuss this info, which doesn’t actually begin the quest. You will learn to stay away from Colony Iota’s northern gate, so that means you will be going to the northern gate now. There will be a question mark there now, so head to it to get a cutscene, with you appearing all the way in the Dannagh Desert once it ends, beginning the quest properly.

How to Complete The Ouroboros Experiment Standard Quest

You will be placed in the middle of the Dannagh Desert, with Salazar mentioning that she wants to conduct some research with the Ouroboros. She wants you to come out to Namba Mound, and even forces your hand a little bit. You will need to travel to a cliff northeast of the Namba Mound rest spot, but the Raptor Perch landmark is a little closer. Upon reaching the location, the experiment of Salazar’s will basically involve a battle with a Ulala Levnis.

The Ulala is level 46, so your level should be around there or so to make it a decent battle. Overall, the fight isn’t too challenging, seeing as you probably have some minimal experience fighting these things. Ether Burst is probably the most dangerous move you will see (the big energy sphere), as it hits in a decent-size area-of-effect in front of the machine, plus it deals moderate damage. Other than that, you shouldn’t really have too much trouble with the Ulala.

(1 of 2) There's nothing too special about this battle

There's nothing too special about this battle (left), Ether Burst is probably the most dangerous attack in its arsenal (right)

Once the machine has been dealt with, the little experiment will be over and Salazar will be scolded for her research methods. She will also hand you a Titanium Temple Guard accessory, which isn’t a reward for the normal completion.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
1410 970 3 Titanium Temple Guard x1 (handed to you during post-battle cutscene)


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