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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Wrath of Ashera

Ben Chard

This is a guide for “The Wrath of Ashera” Hero quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to starting the Quest and unlocking a new Hero, Ashera.

The Wrath of Ashera is a Hero Quest in Chapter 4 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The commander of Colony 11, Ashera, invites the party to join her on her personal battlefield. They’re not very excited about what’s to come…

Icon Hero Prerequisite Level Rewards
Ashera.png Ashera Chapter 4 36 2320 EXP, 2480 G, 10 SP

How to Start The Wrath of Ashera Quest

Ashera’s Hero Quest is an optional one, but it’s hard to miss it as you begin your initial journey into the Keves Castle Region. Once Noah points out the zipline to take over and begin your journey to the back of the Castle, ignore it and head east to the nearby Quest_Related_Event__2_.png and you’ll trigger a scene, beginning the Hero Quest.

Defeating the Colony 11 Squads

7th Levnis Troop

You’ll be thrust into a battle with Ashera joining as a guest, up against some Levnis and Kevesi Soldiers. The largest threat here are the two Velites and the initial wave of enemies that attack you, don’t be surprised if your controlled character is incapacitated at the start. Once you get into the flow, though, dispatch both Velites and then mop up anyone else still alive. As with all battles where you’re up against many enemies at once, you’ll want at least two Healers and two Defenders, thankfully Ashera will fill one of those spots for the latter.

Following the battle, the party will attempt to discover more of the situation from Ashera and then, reluctantly, agree to help the battle-crazed commander. Take the chance to save your game and reconfigure your party a little if you found the previous battle difficult, just remember that Ashera will rejoin as a guest for them (as a Defender).

Team Zoren

Your first battle on Ashera’s battlefield is Team Zoren, and as with all these upcoming battles, you’ll want to begin by culling the battlefield of any Rescuers of which there is a single Rescuer in Team Zoren. Once the Rescuer is down, focus on taking down the other soldiers before turning your attention to Zoren himself.

Spearhead Zoren will be Enraged from the start, and as an Attacker, will have Arts that deal plenty of damage. Thankfully, with the rest of his squad defeated and your whole party converging on him, he shouldn’t last long.

(1 of 2) Always target the Rescuers first in these battles

Always target the Rescuers first in these battles (left), Zoren can pack a punch with his attacks. (right)

Team Easel

The next battle is against Team Easel, and Easel herself is a Rescuer accompanied with other Rescuers. The good news is, they’ll have low defense, but the bad news is that they’ll often heal each other. As always, take down the regular Rescuers (of which there are three) before dispatching the Blockers (unless they Target Lock you). Once they’re down, Easel has no chance against the full party focused on her.

Easel is a Rescuer herself and can’t survive an onslaught from your entire party.

Team Clad

This is the final team you’ll need to go up against, and the initial makeup of the squad is no different from the others you’ve been up against. There are two Rescuers to deal with first, and then multiple Blockers so focus the Blockers down one at a time before the final group of enemies appear. You’ll need to take out two Velites accompanied by another Blocker and Tenacious Clad himself.

Deal with the Blocker first, as he can and will use Target Lock on you, and then get to clearing out the Velites, with the party focused on them one by one. Once you’re left with just Tenacious Clad, who is a Tank himself that will use Defense Up regularly. By now, you should have a Chain Attack available to you so bring him down to Enrage and then use it to defeat him for an Overkill if possible.

(1 of 2) Team Clad has more Defenders than the other teams

Team Clad has more Defenders than the other teams (left), the final wave will include two deadly Velites and Clad himself. (right)

The fun’s not over yet, however, as you continue east and into the heart of the Colony, you’ll come face-to-face with the Colony’s Consul who is just itching for a beating!

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