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Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Shut-In Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Shut-In Standard Quest

Inspect this Ferron twice to get the Info needed to start the quest

First, you will need to have completed the Prison Spring Clean quest. After doing that, look at the Ferrons in the main room of the prison to notice one of them has a magnifying glass on it. Inspect it for a cutscene, then do it one more time for another, to get the Mystery Ferron Info. Discuss that Info to start the quest.

How to Complete the Shut-In Standard Quest

The person inside the Ferron is likely No. 15, with the party being concerned for their health, since they spend an abnormal amount of time inside the Ferron. Go on and inspect the Ferron once more for another scene, with No. 15 promising to come out of the Ferron if you help Segiri defeat some monsters to get data. There will be three different types of monsters, of various quantities, you have to defeat. If you look at the objective in the bottom right (with the quest being active), you will see that it mentions that Elite versions don’t count, so make sure you are hunting the normal versions.

Where to Find Mhamamia Antols

The Mhamamia Antols will be found in the Cadensia Region, on Corne Island. This is one of the ones visited during the main story upon first reaching the Cadensia Region. If you’ve fully explored Corne Island, you may have found a pit area with some Antols. To get to this area, start from the Doublecrag Gate landmark and head north, then west. Not too far long, you should see a narrow passage that leads north, to a vine you can climb. Follow this path towards the top and you will eventually see another vine you can use to climb down, then one more to finally reach the Antol Pit.

(1 of 4) Take this narrow path to reach the upper area of Corne Island

There will be some Assassin Antols here, which are level 58-59, but nothing else. Clear those out first, then approach the southern wall of this little area. You will want to try and avoid the glowing item here, since a level 63 Unique Enemy (Spiky Aurelia) will drop down to guard it. What you want is for two Mhamamia Antols to drop down on the wall adjacent to the Unique. You do not need to bother with the Unique at all, so it’s best to completely ignore it, should you spawn it. The two Antols you need to defeat at level 61 and are similar to the Arachno Queens, in that, they can do that cocoon move that makes your attacks bounce off of it. Other than that, they are ordinary enemies and should go down easily. Two will spawn and you need to defeat two for the quest.

Where to Find Eclipse Marrins

The Eclipse Marrins are flying about in the Dannagh Desert

The Eclipse Marrins are definitely the easiest of the three enemy types you have to deal with for this quest. They are located in the Dannagh Desert, of the Fornis Region, and are flying all over that area. You need to defeat four of them, so you will need to hunt them down. Thankfully, all of their locations will be marked on your map and they tend to be around level 55-56 or so. Since most of them are out of reach, you will need to use the lure to initiate battle with them. They shouldn’t really pose any trouble at all.

Where to Find Gerran Amoneys

The Gerran Amoneys are probably the most annoying out of the three to get, with you having to defeat three of them. You need to head to the top portion of the Aetia Region, but if you haven’t been there before, it’s only accessible via the Upper Aetia area. From the Gava Junction landmark in Upper Aetia, go south until you reach a fork, with one path leading to the Nocclia Mire and the other continuing more south. Choose the latter and keep going until you eventually end up back in the normal Aetia Region, but at Coolley Lake itself.

(1 of 2) Keep a tab on the Perilwing Ryuho at all times

Keep a tab on the Perilwing Ryuho at all times (left), You need the normal Gerran Amoneys and not the Elite (right)

The Gerran Amoneys are found here, in the water, but there is something very dangerous in the vicinity. One of the game’s superbosses, the Perilwing Ryuho, is found patrolling the skies up here, so you will need to be extremely careful in avoiding its aggro (it is level 100). Also, one of the Amoneys is an Elite version and those don’t count towards the quest tally. So, you will need to be extra careful here and lure the normal Amoneys over to an area that the superboss doesn’t patrol, as it can and will aggro you, which you don’t want happening. After finding a safe spot and defeating an Amoney, you can respawn it by dying or getting into a battle, pushing the - button and retrying.

Once you have defeated the correct amount of the three types of enemies, return to No. 15 one more time to finish the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
3920 3680 3


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