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Boss Fight: Incomplete Siege-Lev

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Incomplete Siege-Lev boss fight found in Valdi’s Hero Quest, The Kind Right Hand in Chapter 3 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The Incomplete Siege-Lev is the boss in Valdi's Hero Quest.

How to Beat Incomplete Siege-Lev

Name Level Type
Incomplete Siege-Lev 22 MachineEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png

You’ll want to ensure you’re at least the same Level as Incomplete Siege-Lev, as this is a very tough battle. Consider equipping Tool Belts on any of your main attacks, the Incomplete Siege-Lev is a Machine Type so the extra damage will be welcome. You’ll want to have two Healers on top of Valdi, the Incomplete Siege-Lev will put out a lot of damage and there will be plenty of Healing that needs doing. Finally, if you’ve still not unlocked it yet, unlock and set the Liberty Wing Art for Eunie and Taion’s Interlink, the ability to revive the whole party is indispensable.

You’re only up against a single enemy here, but the Incomplete Siege-Lev is a gargantuan one that can withstand a lot of damage. You’ll find a look at Incomplete Siege-Lev’s Arts below:

  • Humbling Smash: The Incomplete Siege-Lev will slam it’s massive hand down on a single target, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Topple.
  • Energy Charge: Charging its circuits, the Incomplete Siege-Lev will gain both Attack and Defense Up, increasing damage dealt and taken at once. Once Enraged, Energy Charge can be used a second time which will also grant Power Charge, increasing the damage of the next Art.
  • Heat Injection: The Incomplete Siege-Lev will charge its right arm and shoot off a frontward AoE, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Blaze on any targets it hits.
  • Erasure Buster: The Incomplete Siege-Lev will charge its massive left arm and let off a shot that will deal major damage to a single target. If it uses Energy Charge beforehand, this can outright kill a target.

All three of Incomplete Siege-Lev’s attacks hit hard, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself in a constant cycle of reviving your party. Up until Incomplete Siege-Lev is Enraged, Heat Injection is the main threat. This will not only deal moderate damage to everyone in a frontward AoE, but also inflict them with the Blaze debuff. Hopefully Valdi has Cure Bullet set to his Arts and can cure the Blaze debuff from your party members most at danger.

Due to sheer amount of HP that Incomplete Siege-Lev has, you’ll want to save your Chain Attack for those moments when it’s looking bleak. Ensure everyone is alive, then trigger a Chain Attack and make use of your Healer Classes to distribute group heal Arts to get everyone back up to fighting shape. Having Valdi in your party makes it much easier to get your TP over 150% for more Reactivations due to his unique ability of +50 TP against Machine enemies.

(1 of 3) Heat Injection will inflict Blaze on your group standing in front of it

The Incomplete Siege-Lev becomes deadlier following its Enrage, allowing Energy Charge to also add the Power Charge buff on top of already giving it Attack and Defense Up. Power Charge will increase the damage of the next Art, and it will follow this up with the devastating Erasure Buster, the most powerful Art in its Arsenal. This will most likely outright kill anyone it hits, with Tanks having a slight possibility of surviving the blast.

Arts come at a quicker pace at this point too, it’s not uncommon to see Heat Injection following an Erasure Buster, this is why you wanted that extra Healer to help out as you’ll be having to recover a lot of HP. Of course, make use of Interlink too, Sena and Lanz’s Interlink can really soak up damage for the party and you’ll find Liberty Wing invaluable at times when more than half of your party is incapacitated. At this stage of the battle, hit the Chain Attack as soon as your HP drops and you need a breather, staying alive is more important than that Overkill bonus at this point.


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