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Writer's Block

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Writer’s Block Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Writer’s Block Standard Quest

(1 of 2) Look for this Info gossip once you have access to Erythia Sea

Look for this Info gossip once you have access to Erythia Sea (left), Discuss the Info at a rest spot/canteen to begin the quest (right)

Before being able to get this quest, you will need to have access to the Erythia Sea, which happens during Chapter 5. Basically, you need to continue the main story until you finally get control of the boat. Once this is done, there will be an Info spot in the City, near the center of the place, netting you the A “Novel” Book Info. Go ahead to any rest spot/canteen and discuss this to begin the quest.

How to Complete the Writer’s Block Standard Quest

This can be a pretty length quest, due to you having to visit five different locations in order to get specific items. To start, head to Wellwell in the City, who is a Nopon merchant, and you will be able to purchase one of these novels from him, called Founders’ Tale, Latest Vol, which will set you back 700 G. He also mentions the person who wrote the novel, Leeanne, and says where to find her. She will be found at Virid Park and tells you about her making up most of the novel. Leeanne apparently has writer’s block and wants you to help her overcome it. She mentions that there are some places the Founders visited in their travels and she wants you to go to these places in her stead, looking for any unusual items, bringing them back to her to give her that extra inspiration.

Where to Find The Distant Fingertip

(1 of 3) The Visura Parkland Camp is a great starting place to find The Distant Fingertip

Fans of the first game should recognize this location, as it was a Secret Area in that, and it’s also a Secret Area in this one, too. However, it’s not exactly the easiest place to find. To start, you will need to head to the Elaice Highway area of the Fornis Region. Specifically, go to Colony Iota and begin moving north, capturing the following landmarks: Slanne Wondersphere, Purus Palecolumn, and the Visura Parkland Camp rest spot. That last one is one you want, since the entry point to reaching The Distant Fingertip is close by to it.

A little southeast (more south than east) of the Visura Parkland Camp rest spot, there is a path that has a climbable part at the end. This leads to another small area, where you will see a bunch of Arachnos. Behind them will be what appears like nothing, but there is a long ladder behind it, which will lead you on the path to The Distant Fingertip Secret Area.

Where to Find the Sinister Faceplate

Some Mysterious Raiders will try to stop you from picking up the Faceplate

The Sinister Faceplate will be on The Distant Fingertip, so look to the above to see exactly where that is located and how to get there. As you approach the item there, two Mysterious Raiders will appear and fight you. They are both level 48, so if you are around their level, you should be more than fine. Note that despite them having the Unique Enemy markers on the side of their health bars, they aren’t as challenging as those, although they do have more health than normal enemies. Once you defeat both of them, you will be able to pick up the Sinister Faceplate behind them.

Where to Find the Rusted Pressure Helm

The Rusted Pressure Helm will be in the Fornis Region, specifically in the northern part of the Dannagh Desert. If you have the Zorza’s Stonehammer landmark, that is your best option, since you need to approach the marker from the western side (there’s a small cliff on the eastern side). From the above landmark, head straight north, to the edge of the map, then east until you are on the cliff overlooking Quicksand Basin. Thankfully, there’s no one waiting for you here, so just loot the item and be on your way to any remaining ones.

(1 of 2) The Rusted Helm is just there in the open, waiting for you to grab it

The Rusted Helm is just there in the open, waiting for you to grab it (left), The same holds true for the Hexagonal Chip (right)

Where to Find the Shiny Hexagonal Chip

The Shiny Hexagonal Chip will be located in the Pentelas Region, not too far from the Ruins of Seebu Camp rest spot, so fast travel to there. Cross the narrow bridge to your south and search around the back of the large structure there to find the item. Yep, this one is pretty easy.

Where to Find the Grimy Identification

(1 of 2) The Grimy Identification will be in the corner here

The Grimy Identification will be in the corner here (left), although you will need to go through two more Mysterious Raiders (right)

The Grimy Identification will be located in the Pentelas Region, not too far from the Vista of Rhonnar landmark, so skip travel to that spot. Go slightly southwest of the landmark, to the Old Cliffside Way area, and look in the corner to find your prize. However, as you get close, two Mysterious Raiders will appear to put a stop to your looting ways. They are both level 48 and if you’ve already done the Sinister Faceplate, then this will be the same exact battle as that one. As long as you are about the same level as them, then you really shouldn’t have any troubles at all. Once you’ve defeated them, grab the item in the corner.

Where to Find the Leathery Wing Fossil

The Leathery Wing Fossil is probably the hardest one to get, simply because it’s located in the Cadensia Region, in the Erythia Sea. You will need to travel to Daedal Isle, which is the large island in the middle of the area. You should see the beach on the one side, with a large entry point to the island itself, but off to the side, there will be a smaller hill that you can use. That smaller hill is the one you want, as it will lead you to the correct path for the item. As always with the Erythia Sea, there are higher level monsters skulking about, so be careful to avoid aggroing them (you are safe in the boat).

(1 of 3) You will want to go up this hill on Daedal Isle

Once you’ve made landfall, run up the smaller, grassy hill and head west at the clearing, where you should see a building off in the distance. The enemies here in this section will be around level 45-50 or so, with there being a Unique Enemy called Virtuous Gulkin that is level 52. When you discover the Tengate Ruins, then you know you’re in the right spot. Head up the first ramp you see, fight through the plethora of Gulkin in your way (Minstrel Gulkins can do knockback, so don’t stand too close to the edge), then to the top, where you will find the item. Of course, more Mysterious Raiders will appear to stop you, so it’s time for one more battle. They are level 48 and the same as the other two battles, so you know the drill.

When you have all five of the items, bring them back to Leeanne in the City and hand them over to finish the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
3550 1800 3 Scout’s Kneeguard (Rare) x1


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