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Boss Fight: Moebius N

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius N boss fight in Chapter 6 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Agnus Castle region.

You will have a rematch with Moebius N at the start of Chapter 6.

How to Beat Moebius N

Name Level Type
Moebius N 50 MoebiusOuroboros.png

After the lengthy scenes and revelations at the end of Chapter 5 and start of Chapter 6, the first time you regain control is a rematch against Moebius N at Agnus Castle. You’ll begin the battle with everyone in their Interlink, although only at Lv 0 so you may wish to jump cancel it and fight without them until you can build it up to Lv 3.

The battle against Moebius N remains virtually the same as the one beforehand, still, you can learn about his Arts below:

  • Blood Moon: Moebius N will unsheathe his blade and strike a single target, causing moderate damage and inflicting the Bleed debuff.

  • Chimera: Moebius N will strike a single target multiple times, dealing moderate to major damage based on how many hits connect.

  • Shred the Strawman: Moebius N will reposition himself and then strike a single target, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Physical Defense and Evasion Down along with causing Topple.

  • Glimmering Swiftblade (EX): Moebius N swings his blade around him, dealing moderate AoE damage to all targets around him. Once Enraged, he may use the Ex version of this Art which increases the damage and adds Knockback.

  • Kenotic Purge: Moebius N will charge, granting himself the Attack Up and Critical Rate Up buffs.

The main takeaway from the rematch against Moebius N is that he seems to be much more aggressive than when you fought him at the end of Chapter 5. Yes, he still has the same Arts, and they still deal relatively the same damage as he still remains Level 50 but he’ll use them much more often, especially Arts like Chimera.

You should, however, be fueled with the knowledge with your recent encounter with him that you know by now to back away if you see him preparing Glimmering Swiftblade (EX) or to try and break him to prevent him from using Kenotic Purge to buff himself. Blood Moon remains a threat throughout, and due to how often he uses it now, you can expect to have to deal with the Bleed debuff for the majority of this battle.

(1 of 2) You will find yourself in your Interlinks at the start of this battle

You will find yourself in your Interlinks at the start of this battle (left), Moebius N has the same Arts but is a little more aggressive. (right)

Still, this battle remains little more than a set piece rather than a new, tough, boss encounter. Don’t get careless and expect to breeze through the battle, but you’ve defeated Moebius N recently and the same tactics and strategy applies here. Make use of your Chain Attack to heal should you need it, otherwise unleash it once he’s Enraged and try to end the battle there and then.

You’re not out of the woods yet though, as more scenes take place following Moebius N’s defeat and sooner or later, you’ll be facing yet another boss (the 5th in succession), the last one you’ll have to face for a while in the main story but this time, Noah is aided by a powerful new tool at his disposal, Lucky Seven!


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