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Rebuilding Dorrick - Phase 5

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the fifth phase of Rebuilding Dorrick in Colony 30 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Fifth Phase of Rebuilding Dorrick

In order to access the fifth phase of rebuilding Dorrick, you’ll need to have completed the other four phases of Rebuilding Dorrick, as well as have completed The True Culprit? quest which follows the fourth phase. After completing The True Culprit? you’ll be able to speak to Repapa and do your usual material collecting to fill up the progress bar.

Time to get collecting again - Repapa needs more materials!

How to Complete the Fifth Phase of Rebuilding Dorrick

This time a lot of the items can be found in later game areas such as the Cadensia Region. Some items are still collected in the early game areas too though! Below, you’ll find a potential strategy for completing this quest quickly, as well as a full list of all builds and where to find the required collectibles! Remember: you don’t actually need to make

The easiest way to get useful items is to use the fabricators at Ferronis Hulks. And one of the most useful Hulk fabricators for this phase is the Atoll Hulk in Erythia Sea and the Clifftop Fabricator on the Urayan Trail.

The Ocean Gear build is a really easy one because you can obtain "Android Gear" iconAndroid Gear from the Clifftop Fabricator (1500G per fabrication) and then the "Ocean Polyp" iconOcean Polyps can be obtained from the Atoll Hulk (1400G per fabrication)! If you used the Clifftop Fabricator to get items for Phase 4 you may already have a ton of "Android Gear" iconAndroid Gears. Even though this build only gives 15% progress completion, we actually had so many "Android Gear" iconAndroid Gears and "Ocean Polyp" iconOcean Polyps that we were able to almost complete the entire phase with just makig Ocean Gear!

(1 of 2) The Atoll Hulk Fabricator

The Atoll Hulk Fabricator (left), and the Clifftop Fabricator will be your best friend in this phase! (right)

Prop-Palm Screw is also a good one to go for because Prop Branch can be purchased from Colony Mu, Ten-Term Palm are an easy resource to obtain from the Atoll Hulk and Warrior Screws are found in Conqueror’s Peak not far from Colony 30 in the Fornis Region. It’s worth 20% completion so going on a bit of a spending spree and then a quick trip to Conqueror’s Peak is a viable option too!

All Repapa Collectibles List for Phase 5

Below, you’ll find tables for all the possible materials you can give to Repapa to complete Phase 4. The tables also include possible locations for each collectible material.

Lagoon Chain

Item Obtained from:
"Lagoonite" iconLagoonite x1 Can be found around Corne Island and the Aegis Sea, Cadensia Region.
"Blue Chain" iconBlue Chain x2 Can be obtained from the Battlescar Fabricator or around Colony 9.

Prop-Palm Screw - 20% Progress Completion

Item Obtained from:
Prop Branch x2 Purchase from the Traderpon in Colony Mu. Also found around Colony Mu and Bannis Path, Cadensia Region.
Ten-Term Palm x8 Can be obtained from the Atoll Hulk Fabricator.
Warrior Screw x4 Can be found around Conqueror’s Peak, Fornis Region.

Electric Cricket Sorghum

Item Obtained from:
"Electric Cricket Fossil" iconElectric Cricket Fossil x2 Found around Garf Mine Track, Pentelas Region.
"Blue Sorghum" iconBlue Sorghum x5 Can be obtained from the Atoll Hulk Fabricator.

Ocean Gear - 15% Progress Completion

Item Obtained from:
"Ocean Polyp" iconOcean Polyp x2 Can be obtained from the Erythia Sea
"Android Gear" iconAndroid Gear x4 Can be obtained from the Clifftop Hulk Fabricator.

Anti-Thermal Chassis

Item Obtained from:
"Anti-Grav Chassis" iconAnti-Grav Chassis x2 Found around Dock No. 3 and Sentridge Harbor.
Thermal Parts x7 Found around Dock No. 3 and Sentridge Harbor.

Ruby Thirstdish

Item Obtained from:
Thirstweed x1 Can be obtained from the Atoll Hulk Fabricator.
"Dish Philodendron" iconDish Philodendron x1 Can be found around Daedal Isle, Thorbin Island and Colony Mu in the Cadensia Region.
"Gyanna Fossil" iconGyanna Fossil x2 Found around Ordell Ravine Way, Fornis Region.
Ruby Pineapple x1 Found around Magglia Lake, Fornis Region.

Sunny Splendorchild

Item Obtained from:
Sunny Aloe x1 Found around Morrack Inlet and Twinpalm Isle in Cadensia Region.
"Splendorshell" iconSplendorshell x1 Found around Luca’s Elyot landmark, Aetia Region.
"Anarchy Orchid" iconAnarchy Orchid x3 Found around Wall of the Great Hand, Fornis Region.

Spore Urchon

Item Obtained from:
Splodespore x10 Found around Headwater Camp, Cadensia Region.
Urchon Fossil x10 Can be obtained from the Atoll Hulk Fabricator.


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