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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Where the Heart Is

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the “Where The Heart Is” Hero quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to starting the Quest and unlocking a new Hero, Zeon.

The Where The Heart Is Hero Quest will unlock Zeon as a Hero.

Rumor has it that a raid on Colony 9 is planned. If true, it can’t be ignored. Go there, and help your comrades.

Icon Hero Prerequisite Level Rewards
Zeon.png Zeon Chapter 3 22 1440 EXP, 1650 G, 10 SP

How to Start the Where The Heart Is Hero Quest

This Hero Quest is the first true optional Hero Quest available to you in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Before you can begin this Quest, however, you must first reach Chapter 3 of the main story and unlock the ability to listen collect Info Fragments, indicated with a Info_Fragment.png icon. To unlock this Quest, you’ll need to obtain the “Colony 9 Lately” Info from one of the Colonies, with Colony 4 being the earliest (you can also get this at Colony 30 later in the chapter). Once you’ve obtained the info, head to a canteen or rest spot to discuss it and you’ll unlock the Quest.

If you’ve not been overleveled while completing the main story, then you may find yourself underleveled. You may wish to wait until Level 22 before returning to the Aetia region, return to the Forward Post Camp Rest Spot in Alfeto Valley and head back towards the direction of Colony 9 to begin the Quest and trigger a battle.

How to Defeat Dutiful Zeon

After a bit of misunderstanding with Zeon, he and his squad will attack you on sight. The difficulty of this battle really varies based on your current Level at this point. If your Level at least matches Zeon’s, you should be fine. The larger threat is the other three Colony 9 Soldiers that accompany Zeon in this battle.

(1 of 2) Take out Fox at the start of the battle to prevent him from chaining you

Take out Fox at the start of the battle to prevent him from chaining you (left), Shield Bash has the potential to cause Topple to a target. (right)

By now, you should realize that in battles such as this, your first priority should be to rid the area of any other additional units, and it’s no different here. Thankfully, there’s no Healer roles to worry about here, but there is a second Tank (as Zeon himself is a Tank) so focus your attention on Fox to begin the battle. He’ll often use Target Lock on your party members, so getting him out of the picture quickly is imperative.

Your other two targets, Eilis, and Roald, are both Attackers, although Eilis has less HP while Roald had deadlier attacks. Focus on quickly burning down Eilis before Roald, he shouldn’t last long at this point with the majority of your party focusing on him.

As you may expect with Zeon’s role being a Tank, he’ll take a lot of punishment before going down. Zeon has the following Arts available to him:

  • Victory Shift: Zeon will take up a stance, increasing his Block Rate but decreasing his damage output for a time.

  • Celestial Strike: Zeon will attack a single target for major damage that is further increased if he’s Awakened.

  • Shield Bash: Using his Shield, Zeon will strike a single target for moderate damage and causing Topple.

  • Proud Edge: Zeon will strike out in front of him, dealing damage in a frontward AoE for moderate damage.

As you can see from the Arts available to him, Zeon shouldn’t pose too much of a threat to your entire party when he’s alone. He’s far more of a nuisance when accompanied by the rest of the Colony 9 Expedition so as long as you focus on them, Zeon should go down simply. You will find that once he Enrages, Zeon will start enjoying the damage bonuses more from Celestial Strike, so it may be a key time to make use of Chain Attack to try and finish the battle.

Returning to Colony 9 and Everblight Plain

Following your victory, you’ll learn more about the impending threat Colony 9 faces and Zeon will agree to escort you back to the Colony, joining as a guest. This part of the Aetia region is unchanged since your last visit, so simply make the trek back to Colony 9 to trigger more scenes.

After Noah and the group decide to assist Colony 9 in their operation, your next destination is Everblight Plain, where the game begun. As you reach the story marker, you’ll be forced into a series for battles against Agnus Troops. You’ll have to take down a total of 15 spread across three waves, and all of your opponents are around Levels 22~23. As always with battles like this, focus on any Healer roles first (Medics in this case), then Defenders, and then finally Attackers.

(1 of 2) Always look for any medics in this great melee

Always look for any medics in this great melee (left), likewise, take the Medic out at the start of the battle against the Vanguard Elite. (right)

Following this, another scene will trigger, and the Agnus Vanguard Elite will attack with one final group. Ignore him and take out the Medic first before focusing your characters on the other humanoid characters, leaving the Lavenis for last. With matters settled here, make the journey back to Colony 9 once more and make sure you’re prepared, another Consul is about to make an appearance!

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