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Three Ravens at War

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the Three Ravens at War LV 53 standard quest, accepted in Colony 11 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Three Ravens at War Standard Quest.

How to Start the Three Ravens at War

In order to start this quest, you’ll need to listen to the info fragment ‘Colony 11’s Future’ in Colony 11. You’ll need to have completed Ashera’s Hero Quest. After listening to that information, discuss it at a rest point to begin the Three Ravens at War quest. This quest will ask you to gain the trust of the three ravens: Zoren, Clad and Easel.

How to Gain the Trust of the Three Ravens

You’ll need to complete the following quests to progress in the Three Ravens at War standard quest. Completing each of the quests will gain the trust of the three ravens.

After you’ve completed all three quests, return to Colony 11 and you’ll need to fight all three of the Ravens on Ixia Bridge outside Colony 11!

Three Ravens at War.

How to Defeat Zoren, Clad and Easel

You don’t want to take on this fight until you’re at least level 50, and if you’re struggling you may even want to return when you’re level 54 (the same level as the three ravens).

You’ll want to focus your party’s effort on Easel or Zoren first and avoid focusing on Clad until the others are beaten. He’s super tanky compared to the others, but Easel and Zoren are the ones who do the most damage. Focusing those two first will reduce the amount of damage you and your party take over time. Easel is probably the best to target first - she’s a ranged fighter and taking her out of the fight early will help manage your back line and your defenders.

Easel is a ranged attacker and you should focus her first!

Clad will also occasionally draw aggro, so make sure when the yellow chains indicating forced aggro are gone, that you immediately redirect yours and your party’s attacks to Easel or Zoren. Make sure to also keep an eye on your chain attack bar - try not to waste a chain attack on Clad when Easel and Zoren are still up. Using chain attacks on the latter will help whittle them down way quicker.

Don’t forget to also use your Ouroboros form! If you’re playing healers it’s sometimes a bit risky to stay in Ouroboros form for very long because there’s no one to regenerate the others if they’re downed, which will then lead to your healers becoming the main targets The Healers’ Ouroboros form is great for big AOE healing, but it’s not as quick as standard healing arts. You’ll be able to perform big healing moves during chain attacks!

Clad will force aggro occasionally, make sure to redirect your attacks to the others after the chain has dissipated.

Once you’ve defeated all three you’ll have completed the quest and you’ll be rewarded the following:

EXP Gold SP Rewards
2320 EXP 2480 G 3SP None


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