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All Gems List

Shane Williams

This page offers a quick overview on all the different Gem types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

There's 20 different types of Gems you can craft in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Craft Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Progress through the story until you unlock the Standard Quest Riku and Manana in Chapter 2, then you’ll be able to access the crafting menu via the campfire. However, in order to craft gems you’ll need to have the required ingredients, so make sure you defeat enemies, pick up shinies and open Containers as you explore Aionis in order to acquire them.

How To Use Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You can use gems by so opening your menu by pressing Joy-Con-ButtonX-Filled, then select Characters followed by Gems. Here you’ll have three slots which you can place gems in, but you have to unlock them by reaching certain levels. Additionally, you only need to craft one of each gem, as every character can use it at the same time.

All Attacker Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Icon Name Stats
AttackerGems.png Steelcleaver I-X Increases Attack by 20-70
AttackerGems.png Accurate Grace I-X Increases Dexterity by 20-45
AttackerGems.png Analyze Weakness I-X Increases critical hit damage bonus by 20-70 percentage points
AttackerGems.png Swelling Scourge I-X Boosts power of debuffs applied to enemies by 25%-50%
AttackerGems.png Refined Incantation I-X Extends duration timers of debuffs applied to enemies by 25%-50%

All Healer Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Icon Name Stats
HealerGems.png Lifebearer I-X Increases Healing by 20-45
HealerGems.png Soothing Breath I-X When helping an incapacitated ally, revives them with 20%-45% more HP; also raises Healing by 5-15
HealerGems.png Lifesaving Expertise I-X Boosts speed of ally revival by 20%-45% and raises Healing by 5-15
HealerGems.png Swelling Blessing I-X Boosts power of buff effects issued by self by 25%-50%
HealerGems.png Refined Blessing I-X Extends duration of buff effects issued by self by 25%-50%

All Defender Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Icon Name Stats
DefenderGems.png Tail Wind I-X Increase Agility by 10-35.
DefenderGems.png Steel Protection I-X Increases Block Rate by 5-30 percentage points.
DefenderGems.png Ultimate Counter I-X Deals 80%-280% of Attack Damage when you take damage.
DefenderGems.png Brimming Spirit I-X Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 20%-45%.
DefenderGems.png Perilous Presence I-X Start each battle with aggro.

All Universal Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Icon Name Stats
UniversalGems.png Ironclad I-X Increases maximum HP by 100-1500
UniversalGems.png Steady Striker I-X Shortens auto-attack interval by 15%-40%
UniversalGems.png Doublestrike I-X Adds 15%-40% chance to strike twice per auto-attack
UniversalGems.png Empowered Combo I-X When canceling, boosts damage dealt by 25%-75%.
UniversalGems.png Disperse Bloodlust I-X Reduces aggro generated when using Arts by 20%-45%


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