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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Kind Right Hand

Ben Chard

This page offers a guide on how to complete Valdi’s Hero Quest, The Kind Right Hand and unlock Valdi as a permanent party member in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in Chapter 3.

Valdi’s Hero Quest is mandatory to progress the main story in Chapter 3.

After climbing up a cliff that continues on to the Great Sword, the party fends off a Levnis-backed force.

Icon Hero Prerequisite Level Rewards
Valdi.png Valdi Chapter 3 20 1160 EXP, 1410 G, 10 SP

How to Unlock ‘The Kind Right Hand’

Just like Ethel’s Hero Quest not long ago, this Hero Quest is another you must complete to progress the main story in Chapter 3. After exploring the Ribbi Flats to the south of Colony 4, you’ll begin making your way up to Elsie’s Spout where the party will discover that they don’t have the means to climb any higher. At that moment, Valdi will jump down and challenge the party to a battle, starting the Quest in the process.

How to Defeat the Strange Keves Soldier (Valdi)

The difficulty of this battle really hinges on just how much side content you’ve indulged with in Chapter 3 as you’ll have gained the ability to undertake a lot of Quests and it’s incredibly easy to find yourself at Level 25+, especially if you’ve been using Bonus EXP too. Valdi himself is only Level 21, so if you’re a lot higher, this battle will be over in minutes.

Although Valdi is a War Medic (Healer Role), he’s rather harmless by himself so instead focus your targets on the two Equites to begin with. You’ve fought plenty of these in Chapter 2, and these units are much the same with just a bit more HP. So long as your Tank is holding Aggro, it shouldn’t take too much effort to down them, even with Valdi healing them with Heal Bullet.

(1 of 2) The two Equites can take quite a beating before they go down

The two Equites can take quite a beating before they go down (left), whereas Valdi, as a Healer, will go down a lot quicker. (right)

Once the two Equites have fallen, you’ll most likely find that Valdi himself is already at half HP or lower (unless you focused your entire party on each Equites). As a Healer Role, many of Valdi’s Arts will be focused on healing and buffing:

  • Hyper Reload: Valdi will buff himself with the Defense Up buff, increase damage against physical attacks.

  • Trickshot: Valdi will shoot at a target, dealing moderate Ether damage and restoring a portion of his own HP.

  • Heal Bullet: This is a standard Heal Art that will recover around 2700 HP.

  • Cure Bullet: Valdi can target himself or one of the Equites and cure their debuffs.

Even if you’re fighting Valdi at his Level, this is still a rather straightforward battle and should you want the battle to go quicker and are feeling confident, ignore the Equites and go straight for Valdi. Be sure to try and end the battle with a Chain Attack for that Overkill bonus.

Where to Find the Levnis Parts

Being the good samaritans that Noah and co. are, you agree to help Valdi find the parts to repair the machines and he tags along as a Guest member. Valdi is the War Medic Class, a very potent Healer Class that will make life a lot easier. He also has the very useful Cure Bullet Art which is your first Art that will cleanse some of those nasty Debuffs such as Blaze and Toxin.

Where to find the Levnis Self-Charger

There are three Quest markers for you to check out, and you’re free to do them in any order but it’s better to take them in order of proximity. With that in mind, head south from your current position and you’ll reach a Skirmish of sorts that completes before you can intervene. Following the Equites’ victory, it’ll attack the party. Scrap it and Valdi will muse a little about it before you regain control.

(1 of 2) Head directly south from where you start the Quest

Head directly south from where you start the Quest (left), then defeat the Equites to obtain the Levnis Self-Charger. (right)

Where to find the Levnis Auxiliary CPU

Your next port of call is just a short distance to the southeast, in the Terra Wastelands. As you get near the marker, Valdi will call out, letting you know you’re in the right place. Head on over to trigger a scene and claim the Levnis Auxiliary CPU, no battles this time around!

(1 of 2) It’s a short trip southeast from the previous part

It’s a short trip southeast from the previous part (left), to find Valdi’s scrapyard and the Levnis Auxiliary CPU. (right)

Where to find the Levnis Endoskeleton

The final item needed for Valdi’s repairs is in the opposite direction, west from where you begun this quest at Laprel Knoll. Once you reach the destination marker, you may have to dispatch some Ordo Gebels that are lurking nearby, but these are nothing more than fodder. Examine the ground here for more musings from Valdi and to claim the final part, the Levnis Endoskeleton.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to head west to locate the final piece

You’ll need to head west to locate the final piece (left), defeat the enemies nearby and claim the Levnis Endoskeleton. (right)

Return to where you first met Valdi to get the repairs underway and trigger a scene. When you regain control, follow Valdi’s Mini-Levnis all the way to the doors of Colony 30, where a tough boss battle awaits. Check out our strategy for defeating the Incomplete Siege-Lev here.

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