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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Where to find Origin Ore

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Chapter 7 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, detailing where to find the Origin Ore required to complete the Bravery.

Where to go after the Cloudkeep

(1 of 2) First, look for Samon at his workshop.

First, look for Samon at his workshop. (left), At the harbor, Samon will request six pieces of Origin Ore. Let the treasure hunt begin! (right)

The previous chapter ended with our heroes finally meeting the real Queen Nia. After a lengthy explanation of pretty much everything that led up to this point, follow Nia to the south balcony to learn of your final objective: Origin, hiding in the great vortex at the center of Aionios. Trouble is, it’s currently impossible to breach the vortex.

However, our heroes have an inkling. Whenever you’re ready, exit the Cloudkeep via the long staircase that you took to get there. At the bottom, there’s a dropship that’ll take you back to the City. Once there, hop over to Samon’s workshop at the Mxene Tech Quarter, south-west from where you arrive. Next, follow him back to Sentridge Harbor Control at the Great Sword’s Base.

You will receive a new quest, “The Ultimate Vessel”, where you must search for six pieces of Origin Ore to complete the Bravery, Samon’s improved vessel that’s capable of entering the vortex.

Origin Ore 1: Return to the Cloudkeep

(1 of 2) Time to pay Nia another visit.

Time to pay Nia another visit. (left), That was easy, but you'll need to cover more ground from here. (right)

First, head back to the Cloudkeep, where you met Nia. It’s easiest if you fast-travel to the Hall of the Serene. The Queen of Agnus will yield her piece of Origin Ore, as well as give our heroes some advice for infiltrating Origin itself.

Afterwards, Samon will give you intel for two more pieces of Origin Ore. These can be found in the north part of the Aetia Region and the east part of the Cadensia Region. Naturally, you can head to either location first, but for convenience’s sake, we’ll go to Aetia first.

Origin Ore 2: Return to Everblight Plain

(1 of 2) This is where it all began…

This is where it all began… (left), Head for the northermost part of Everblight Plain. (right)

For this one, we suggest fast-traveling to Torchlight Hill, the very first landmark you visited at Everblight Plain. Or the Battlescar Ferronis Hulk if you rebooted it.

You want to head for a small, somewhat isolated area directly north from Torchlight Hill/east from the Battlescar Hulk. If traveling from Torchlight Hill, go north-west first until you reach the higher ground, then go east. Just before the area you need to be, watch out for Witchwind Kujjat flying around.

Further north, climb up the vine-covered wall. From here, the Origin Ore is due north and largely unguarded, besides a couple of Grapple Bunnits.

Origin Ore 3: Cape Arcaphor

(1 of 2) Cape Arcaphor is located near the south-east corner of Erythia Sea.

Cape Arcaphor is located near the south-east corner of Erythia Sea. (left), Check behind the waterfall at the very end. (right)

This Origin Ore is located at the endpoint of Cape Arcaphor in the Cadensia Region. If you’ve already visited, fast-travel to Welkin Falls. Otherwise, sail east from Vinisong Holm to reach the cape, then make your way there. Once at Welkin Falls, check out the area behind the waterfall, past Otherworldly Rodsin.

Having acquired 3 pieces of Origin Ore, Samon will share more intel. Two more ore can be found in Pentelas and Fornis. Likewise, you may head to the next two locations in any order.

Origin Ore 4: Low Maktha Wildwood

(1 of 2) The regular enemies here are high level, but you can avoid them.

The regular enemies here are high level, but you can avoid them. (left), Fortunately your target isn't very high level. (right)

If you’re heading to Pentelas, the area you want to search is Low Maktha Wildwood, accessible by following the giant tree trunk all the way downwards, after going east from Sparkling Pool Camp. If you did the The Hunter quest from Colony Mu, you’ll have finished near the entrance to Low Maktha Wildwood.

Anyway, the place you want to search is a short distance north of Gingin’s Treehouse. The treehouse is located towards the south-west. If you’ve already been to Low Maktha Wildwood and activated the Cross-Maktha Elevator, you can ride it down from Colony Mu, then go north. Otherwise, from the Warning Tree head south, then south-west.

At the location, you’ll end up fighting a Level 58 Swaroog Rhana. Should be a piece of cake compared to the Moebius bosses from earlier.

Origin Ore 5: Elaice Highway

(1 of 2) Elaice Highway is the route Taion advised against, early on in the game.

Elaice Highway is the route Taion advised against, early on in the game. (left), Try searching this earth mound. (right)

For this ore, you need to travel to the base of Zain’s Talon within Elaice Highway. The quickest way is to fast-travel to Slanne Wondersphere, then head north.

If you haven’t been to Elaice Highway, there are two options. One, if you recruited Alexandria and liberated Colony Iota, you can try heading north via the Colony Iota North Gate.

Otherwise, you’ll need to travel west from the Fornis Region’s northern entrance and enter Elaice Highway via Singbreeze Funnel. From there, travel all the way west until you reach Visura Parkland Cam, then go south.

You’ll know you’ve reached the specified location when you bump into dozens of points of interest (magnifying glass icon). Apparently the Origin Ore is buried among one of the earth mounds here. Unless the ore is randomly buried, try checking the first earth mound west from the blue quest marker on the mini-map.


(1 of 2) Well, don't leave us in suspense…

Well, don't leave us in suspense… (left), This might take a while. (right)

Once you’ve gotten your 5th piece of Origin Ore, Samon will send you intel for the final piece of ore. Your next destination will be Gardin Defense Base, in the Keves Castle Region. You’ll also begin Noah’s Side Story. Since this is rather substantial, we’ll cover it in the following pages.

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