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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Doing It My Way

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the “Doing It My Way” Hero quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to starting the Quest and unlocking a new Hero, Triton.

Doing it My Way is Triton’s Hero Quest in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

On the Erythia Sea, the party finds itself going head-to-head with a Moebius who goes by the name of Triton.

Icon Hero Prerequisite Level Rewards
Triton.png Triton Chapter 5 46 3320 EXP, 3230 G, 10 SP

How to Start the Doing It My Way Quest

Fiona’s Hero Quest is optional and can be easy to miss when sailing the great sea in the Cadensia region. You’ll have to progress the story until you get the Castle Access Quest from Monica and gain access to the boat. Once you find yourself on the great sea, make your way to the Quest_Related_Event__2_.png to the northeast to reach Ishan Isle where you’ll trigger a scene as a massive Ferronis walks by.

Being the curious sort, decide to follow this and head to the northeast to reach Hargan Point where you’ll find a Rest Point. Follow the only path north and you’ll trigger a scene where the gang runs into a Consul!

The Pirate Challenges

Triton will strike up a competition by goading Lanz and Taion that will take place across three different islands in the Erythia Sea.

Ishan Isle

Return to Ishan Isle where you first saw Colony 15 and you’ll find Ronja. Speak to him to learn that the trial here is to simply take down some Gyaarks that can be found in the sea surrounding this island. There are four Level 47 Delit Gyaarks that can be found just off the coast to this island, and all of these should be nothing more than fodder at this stage of the game. Return to Ronja following their defeat to learn that you have won this particular round.

(1 of 2) Return to Ishan Isle for the first challenge

Return to Ishan Isle for the first challenge (left), simply dispatch the enemies surrounding the isle. (right)

Daedal Isle

The second challenge will take you to the center of the Erythia Sea, to Daedal Isle which can be found west of Ishan Isle. Once you land on the beach here, head forward and speak to Lhukavu to learn the rules of the second challenge. The goal is to collect the most valuable “booty”, a term that the gang know little about so you’ll need to head to a Rest Spot to discuss it first (the nearest being the Hargan Point Camp).

The party concludes that this must allude to treasure, so make your return to Daedal Isle to collect three pieces of “treasure”. The enemies here are much higher Level than you should be at this stage of the game, so don’t hang around and keep on the move. Head northwest from the beach to find the Yum-Yum Coconut behind a large tree.

(1 of 5) Head to Daedal Isle for challenge t wo

Now return to the beach where you spoke to Lhukavu and head west of him to find a slope that will take you up and to the northern plateau. Head east to the cliff’s edge here to locate the Millennial Tree Amber. Follow the path far to the northwest now and you’ll reach the Tengate Ruins, head northwest to edge of the island here to find the final item, the Ancient Taos Fossil.

Return to Lhukavu at the beach and speak to him, you’ll have to select one of the items from the three of them that you believe is the most valuable. Select the Ancient Taos Fossil and, after much bickering from Triton, you’ll learn you’re the winner of the second challenge.

Cape Arcaphor

The final challenge takes place at Cascade Crossroads, found to the southeast of your current location. Head east from the beech to reach Kio, who is filling in for the missing Saoru and will detail the final challenge, a good old fashioned monster hunter.

You’ll find footprints nearby, and they go off in two different directions meaning you’ll have to make a choice early on as to what you believe is the correct one. Take the southeast footprints and follow them to reach the missing Saoru (just beyond the water crossing). Continue to follow the tracks to the north and it will eventually lead you to your prey, a Level 47 Arcaphor Gogol, a slightly buffed up Gogol (but still lower Level than the other Gogols on this island).

(1 of 3) The final challenge takes place at the Cascade Crossroads

With the final challenge over, you’ll need to meet Triton back at Colony 15 to learn the results so Skip Travel back to the Hargan Point Camp, prepare yourself and then return to Colony 15. Api will reveal that Noah and co. are the winners, a result that Triton isn’t prepared to take and proposes one final challenge!

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