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Forgotten Supplies

Shane Williams

This is a guide for the ““Forgotten Supplies” standard quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding the Supplies.

Listen into the conversation at Colony 9 to acquire the Colony 9's Situation Info Fragment.

Noah recalls a container that got blown off-course before it could be recovered. With Colony 9 short on supplies, now is a good time to go look for it.

How to Start the Forgotten Supplies Standard Quest

Just like Ethel’s Hero Quest not long ago, this Hero Quest is another you must complete to progress the main story in Chapter 3. After exploring the Ribbi Flats to the south of Colony 4, you’ll begin making your way up to Elsie’s Spout where the party will discover that they don’t have the means to climb any higher. At that moment, Valdi will jump down and challenge the party to a battle, starting the his Hero Quest The Kind Right Hand which you’ll need to complete in order to be able to gain access to the Forgotten Supplies Quest.

Upon completing The Kind Right Hand return to Colony 9 in Aetia Region, Full and listen in on the conversation near Pollux by holding Joy-Con-ZR, then you’ll be given the Colony 9’s Situation Info Fragment. Discuss this at either the Colony 9 Barracks or Canteen to unlock the Forgotten Supplies Standard Quest

Where To Find The Supplies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

After you’ve unlocked the quest, fast travel or head southwest of Colony 4 until you reach the Kamos Guidepost Landmark, then walk northeast and climb up the vines to take yourself up to Murmurs Rise. From here, follow the path along to the north and you’ll eventually stumble across a chest sitting by the cliff edge.

(1 of 2) Head to the Kamos Guidepost and head northeast

Head to the Kamos Guidepost and head northeast (left), to find the chest containing the supplies. (right)

Before you can open the chest to get your hands on all its goodies, you’ll need to take out three Troll Grebals. You shouldn’t have too much trouble taking them down if your level is around the same as theirs, but if you’re underleveled then make sure you use the correct positionals along with buffs to deal more damage.

Once you’ve taken down the Troll Grebals you’ll get interrupted again by some Colony 9 Soldiers. Like before, make use of Chain Attacks, Buffs and Fusion to quickly take them down. Open the Supply Drop and deliver the supplies to Camilla back at Colony 9 to bring this quest to a close.

Quest Rewards

EXP Gold SP Rewards
940 CurrencyGoldIconsMapXenoblade3.png 610 3 Light Memory (Rare) x1


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