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There's No Ether!!!

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the standard quest, There’s No Ether!!! in Colony 30 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Ether Shortage Standard Quest.

How to Start There’s No Ether!!! Standard Quest

To begin this standard quest, you’ll first need to have completed Phase 6 of Rebuilding Dorrick. Immediately after doing so, you’ll be told that Colony 30 needs way more Ether cylinders to continue with the building of Dorrick. Head over to the Colony 30 Commissary and listen to the two people discussing the Ether shortage to obtain a new info fragment. Then, discuss the ‘Ether Shortage’ to begin this quest.

(1 of 2) Obtain the info fragment from the people discussing the ether shortage

Obtain the info fragment from the people discussing the ether shortage (left), then discuss the info at a rest point! (right)

How to Complete There’s No Ether!!! Standard Quest

Your first task will be to gather a Nopon force to head out to collect Ether cylinders. Speak to Pulipuli, Widgewidge and Dinkidinki and offer them the task of heading out to the other colonies to obtain Ether cylinders.

The naughty Nopons have a chance to redeem themselves by being a part of a taskforce heading out to locate ether!

After speaking to them, head up to the upper floor of Colony 30 and speak to Repapa. Your next task is to send out the force to different colonies - as far as we’re aware, the colonies you choose to send them out to doesn’t matter so you can pick whichever you prefer. You’ll need to have liberated at least 4 colonies at this stage.

Then, you’re prompted to head out to one of the colonies you chose to check up on the Nopon negotiations. Once again, it makes no difference which one you go to but you might find it easier to go to a Fornis region colony. After you speak to your chosen Nopon, return to Repapa in Colony 30 to count up the collected Ether cylinders. Unfortunately, you won’t have enough Ether Cylinders (the goal is 2,500). And you’ll need to send out the Nopons to more colonies! You’ll need to liberate a lot more colonies otherwise you can’t continue. And going through the main story isn’t enough - you’ll also need to liberate some of the optional colonies too. The amount of colonies you’ll need to liberate is dependent on how many you’ve already done. We unlocked the ability to continue this quest at 12 Colonies liberated. If you’ve only been liberating colonies in the main quest, consider completing the quests towards liberating Colony Iota, Colony Mu and Colony 15. If that still isn’t enough, you may find that you have to continue through the quest - we got it after liberating Colony Omega.

If you get this message, it's time to head out and liberate more colonies!

Here’s a full list of all the colonies (excluding Colony 30) below - you don’t need to liberate all of them to do this quest:

After liberating enough colonies, assign the Nopons to new locations and then visit one of your chosen colonies. Once again, visiting a Fornis Region colony may be a bit quicker but it’s down to personal preference!

Target is reached!

Finally, return to Repapa in Colony 30 and count up the Ether cylinders again - this time you’ll have enough! After a brief cut scene you’ll be able to continue to phase 7 of Rebuilding Dorrick. And you’ll earn the following rewards:

There’s No Ether!!! Rewards

EXP Gold SP Rewards
3920 EXP 3680G 3 SP None


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