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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Ascension Quest: Effervescent Heart

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the “Effervescent Heart” Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to starting the Quest and upgrading Isurd’s Class, Strategos.

Effervescent Heart is Isurds Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Looking to refresh himself, Isurd sets out in search of something called a “spa”. Go to the City to find out more.

Icon Character Prerequisite Level Rewards
Isurd.png Isurd Chapter 6 - Complete New Developments, Taion Strategos at Rank 10 59 3850 EXP, 3820 G, 10 SP

How to Start the Effervescent Heart Ascension Quest

Ascension Quests will start becoming available once you reach Chapter 5 in the main story. Beyond just simple story progress, there are several other steps for unlocking Ascension Quests which usually involve completing the Colony related Questlines (for Heroes that belong to one) along with ensuring that the Inheritor is at Rank 10 of the Class.

For Isurd’s Ascension Quest, you’ll need to first ensure that Taion has reached Rank 10 with the Strategos Class. If he’s yet to do this, remember you can use Silver Nopon Coins to raise the levels of a Class.

The final step needed for Isurd’s Ascension Quest to become available is to complete the New Developments Quest that becomes available after completing the various quests associated with Colony Lambda. Remember to check for Info Fragments to unlock the next Quest in the Questline and eventually you should get the Info Fragment needed for New Developments.

Once you’ve achieved all of these steps, return to Colony Lambda with Isurd in your party to trigger a scene that begins this Quest.

How to Complete the Effervescent Heart Ascension Quest

Head to the City

Your first task on your mission to learn about the mysterious “spas” is to head to the City and look to gather info from the residents there. You’ll find them in the following places:

Once you’ve gathered all three pieces of information, head to the Rest Spot in town and discuss the information you’ve learned so far. You’ll learn that you need to speak to Kotan and to reach where he is, you’ll need to climb the ladder found at the back fo Michiba Canteen. After speaking to him, you learn that there may be one more spa still about, but that it’s in a dangerous location.

(1 of 4) You can find Timna at the park

Head for the Brasa Spa

Go to the Cadensia Region and head to the Searing Strand Landmark, found to the southeast of Vinisog Holm. Before going any futher, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve recruited Segiri as she will teach you the Traversal Skill that allows you to walk on poisonous surfaces without taking damage, something you’ll encounter plenty off in this initial part of the island.

As you head south through the swamp, you’ll find the enemies are around Lv 60, but as soon as you reach Malevolent Hollow, you’ll notice that will jump up to Lv 90+, making it one of the highest level areas in the game. That means you’ll want to avoid venturing too deep here and instead, follow the path around to the west (not down) and you’ll only encounter enemies in the Lv 60~ range. It’s a straight run here to the top of this area, Brasa Spa, your target where a scene will trigger.

(1 of 4) Searing Strand is located southeast of Vinisog Holm

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get a relaxing rest without a bit of rough and tumble from the current visitors to the spa. You’ll be swarmed by a group of 6 enemies, although thankfully, they’re around Lv 55-56 making this much more manageable if you’re around the range of the Quest (59+). The largest threat here is the Archbard Gulkin who will often play his instrument to cause Knockback, this is a good time for an Interlink to take care of it quickly.

Following your victory, the entire party will take a dip, bringing this Ascension Quest to a close and raising the Rank cap on the Strategos Class.


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