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How to Go Up Slippery Slopes in Xenoblade 3

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to go up slippery slopes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

In places such as Dannagh Desert, you may run into sandy slopes that are impossible to go up normally. At first, you may think nothing of it. But actually, it’s possible to go up them, with a bit of mental fortitude.

How to begin Teach’s Hero Quest

(1 of 2) Return to Gura Flava Lowlands to begin Teach's Hero Quest.

Return to Gura Flava Lowlands to begin Teach's Hero Quest. (left), During the quest, Teach will… ahem, teach you the Scree Walking skill here. (right)

First, you need to begin Teach’s Hero Quest, which is possible from Chapter 3. If you go back to the Gura Flava Lowlands in Alfeto Village (fast-travel to the Gura Flava Camp), there should be a quest-event icon nearby.

It’s along the slope that Mio and her party used to reach Vandham near the end of Chapter 1. There, you’ll discover one of Mio’s friends–Kyrie–under attack from Kevesi forces. Show ’em a thing or two. Afterwards, Kyrie will go on ahead to Colony Gamma, where Mio is from.

Continue north back to where you first took control of Mio back in Chapter 1, at Loch Ciel. From there, travel west along Melnath’s Pass, Lower until you reach the colony. Unlike what happened with Noah and friends, Mio will be welcomed back with open arms.

Inside the colony, go and investigate, obtaining all the Info Fragments. Then discuss “Colony Gamma Lately” at the canteen or another rest area. Once you’ve gathered enough intel, go and speak to Teach inside his building near the south-west corner of the colony. He’ll suggest taking the conversation elsewhere.

Leave the colony via the north-east exit and go along Melnath’s Pass, Upper, going across Watchpoint Bridge. After a while, you’ll reach the initial destination, which is one of those sandy, slippery slopes. Teach will then impart his teachings to you, giving you the Scree Walking skill.

How to use the Scree Walking skill

(1 of 2) We don't understand how it works, but…

We don't understand how it works, but… (left), So long as it works, we won't question it. (right)

With this skill, you can run up slippery slopes without doing anything special. Was it really that easy? Well, guess we shouldn’t complain!


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