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Boss Fight: Lambda Ferronis

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Lambda Ferronis boss fight found in the Pentelas region in Chapter 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Lambda Ferronis is a boss in Chapter 3 of Xenoblade chronicles.

How to Beat Lambda Ferronis

Name Level Type
Lambda Ferronis 28 MachineEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png

Yes, you really are fighting a full-on Ferronis on foot, there is no catch to this. You’ll start the battle with a short tutorial about how Enemy Area Effects work but by this stage of the game, this should be self explanatory.

For the sake of this battle, the Lambda Ferronis will use Lambda Pressure at the start of the battle to place a massive Blaze Field underneath itself. This effectively means that you should treat this area as off-limits but thankfully, you can strike the Lambda Ferronis from a great distance which makes this a moot point. The Lambda Ferronis features some deadly Arts, and you can find out a little more about them below:

  • Lambda Pressure: The Lambda Ferronis will conjure a massive Blaze Field underneath it, causing Blaze damage to any target that walks into it.
  • Levnis Command: This will summon two Avia mechs either side of the Lambda Ferronis. These can buff the Lambda Ferronis with the Attack Up and Accuracy Up buffs.
  • Dust Sweep: The Lambda Ferronis will slowly pull back its arms and then sweep them across the area in front of it dealing moderate damage and Knockback to all targets it strikes.
  • Fire Blindly: The Lambda Ferronis will pick a target and then rain down multiple shots that damage the area dealing moderate damage.
  • Lambda Cannon: The Lambda Ferronis will charge its main cannon and fire down the center of the battlefield, dealing major damage to all targets it strikes and inflicts Daze.

The Lambda Ferronis is a fearsome boss that can cause plenty of harm to you if you’re underlevel. Being a Machine type boss, you’ll want to bring along Valdi if you can due to his Attack Order for your Chain Attacks being so useful. Two Tanks should be ideal for this battle too as you’ll have to deal with two Avis mechs whenever it uses the Levnis Command Art. They shouldn’t take too long to go down but focus them down before returning your attention to the Lambda Ferronis.

Another reason to take these out is the fact that they can buff the Lambda Ferronis with the Attack and Accuracy Up buffs, making life a lot more difficult for you. Dust Sweep takes a long time to animate, and its damage is easily healed through although the Knockback can knock you out of your rhythm a little.

(1 of 2) Take out any Avis that it summons as quickly as possible

Take out any Avis that it summons as quickly as possible (left), beware of Lambda Cannon when you Enrage it. (right)

The other two Arts, however, are more worthy of your attention. It will use Fire Blindly regularly, targeting one of your party members and dealing multiple AoE damage around them. When Enraged, this damage can really add up if you’re not on top of your healing. Lambda Cannon will deal even more damage, but it won’t use it as often and it takes a while to charge which gives you time to use a Combo or Chain Attack to prevent it.

Speaking of Chain Attacks, Valdi will be invaluable here, with his Heroic Chain adding an additional 50 TP to the attack against Machine type enemies. This should allow you to score a big chain and deal plenty of damage. Wait until you have the Lambda Ferronis below its Enrage meter before unleashing it and hopefully defeat it with an Overkill.


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