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Cultural Exchange

Shane Williams

This is a guide for the “Cultural Exchange’’ standard quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to filling Sadadan Bros Progress Bar.

Discuss the The Nopon are Here Topic to begin this quest.

Honorine arrived at Colony Tau along with some Nopon, which are a rare sight there. Go checkup on them.

How to Start the Cultural Exchange Standard Quest

Progress through the game until you reach Chapter 4 and work your way through the Great Cotte Falls, then continue onwards until you reach High Maktha Wildwood. Here you’ll ambushed by a team from Colony Tau which will trigger the Hero Quest, Natural Selection. Upon completion you’ll have access to Colony Tau.

However, before you can gain access to the Lost Friend Standard Quest you’ll need to continue playing through the story until you reach Chapter 5, then speak with Graziana who can be found to obtain the “The Nopon are Here” Info Fragment. Discuss the topic at the Colony Tau Canteen to begin this quest!

Best Way To Fill Sadadan Bros Progress Bar

Once you’ve started the quest you’ll need to give rare material to Sadadan Bros in order to fill up the progress bar. You may already have some of the materials from your adventures around Aionis and all of the items only offer 5%. After some playing around we’ve come decided that there’s a couple items you can use to fill the bar easier and these are the Ulula Metal Fists or the Testudo Shoulder Gun.

Where To Find Ulula Metal Fists

In order to find these you’ll want to open your map and make your way over to the Pentelas region, then fast travel over to the Engardo Pass Camp Rest Spot. Head northwest and run past the Besieger Sheritt Enemy and you’ll come across a Bushwacker Farrit which you’ll need to defeat to acquire Ulula Generators and Ulula Metal Fist. It’s level 47, so defeat the enemies in front of it first to avoid taking too much damage.

Once you shift your attention onto the Bushwacker Farrit you’ll want to make sure you have any buffs active to increase your damage output, then hold Joy-Con-ZL followed by Joy-Con-DPad-Right to make the team only use fusion attacks, then when you have a level 3 Interlink activate the Ourobors and then use the Chain Attack. This should either defeat the enemy or make its health very low, allowing you to finish it off.

(1 of 2) Head to this location in the Aetia Region

Head to this location in the Aetia Region (left), then farm the Sensitive Catullus. (right)

Interact with the nearby named grave and defeat Bushwacker Farrit a couple times, then return Sadadan Bros and see if you have enough to fill the bar. If not, return and repeat the process above. After you’ve filled the bar the quest will come to a close.

Where To Find Avis Sphere

Alternatively, you can farm Avis Spheres which may be a slightly faster method then the one mentioned above, as the enemies that drop them will be quicker to kill. The enemy that drops is called Sensitive Catullus and it can be found by fast traveling to the Sepulchral Cliffpath in the Aetia Region. Follow the same strategy above to take it down, then respawn it via the named grave. repeat the process a few times, then return to Sadadan Bros and see if you have enough.

Finally, after you’ve delivered all the required items, interact with Smoker located behind Sadadan Bros and place any piece of meat into to trigger a scene and then the quest will come to a close.

Quest Rewards

EXP Gold SP Rewards
3080 CurrencyGoldIconsMapXenoblade3.png 770 3 KeyItemLegendaryMaterialIconsMapXenoblade3.png Nopon Coin (Silver) x6


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