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Boss Fight: Moebius G

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius G boss fight found in Teach’s Hero Quest, Going Beyond Power in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Aetia Region.

Moebius G is a boss found in Teach's Hero Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Beat Moebius G

Name Level Type
Moebius G 27 MoebiusOuroboros.png

Another Colony to liberate, another Moebius member to take down. Moebius G’s difficulty really hinges on when you decide to take him on. If you didn’t do Teach’s Hero Quest as soon as it was available, you may well find yourself well overlevelled for this in which case there shouldn’t be any real threat. Fighting him at, or around his level, however, is a different matter altogether.

Interestingly enough, Moebius G seems to share plenty in common with Moebius B found at the end of Zeon’s Hero Quest. Some of the Arts are similar and you can learn more about them below:

  • Agrius Knuckle: Moebius G will punch out at a single target, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Blowdown and Attack Down.
  • Gaia Quake: Moebius G will grab a single target, disabling them for a while and then tossing them away to deal major damage and Blowdown.
  • Calamity Charge: Moebius G will charge in front of him, causing moderate damage, Blowdown, and Accuracy Down to any targets it strikes.
  • Issue Challenge: Moebius G will pause and flex, granting himself the Critical Rate Up and Fast Recharge buffs.
  • Reflective Shell: Moebius G will buff himself with the Armor Veil buff.

That’s plenty of Arts, and Moebius G is generally a faster attacker than any of the other Moebius battles, with his auto-attack being a double hit. Agrius Knuckle shouldn’t be too much of a problem, your Tanks should have aggro and Attack Down on them isn’t as punishing as it would be on one of your main Attackers.

Gaia Quake, on the other hand, can be a real problem should you let him pull it off. You can knock him out of the Art as he goes to grab his target however, so try to keep an Art that deals Knockback or Break for when he may grab them. If he’s successful, that character will take major damage along with the Blowdown effect.

Calamity Charge will most likely hit a large chunk of your party, purely due to the fact that the AI tends to bunch up more often than not. Make sure, however, that your controlled character is not standing in his path to avoid it. If you’re the one being targeted, try to stand away from your party members to limit the damage it will inflict.

(1 of 2) Try to knock Moebius G out of Gaia Quake to avoid the major damage it inflicts

Try to knock Moebius G out of Gaia Quake to avoid the major damage it inflicts (left), You'll have to push through the barrier until you can start damaging Moebius G after it uses Reflective Shell. (right)

Once you Enrage Moebius G, he’ll begin using Issue Challenge which will increase his attack and Art Recharge speed massively while also increasing his Critical Rate, so you’ll want to definitely save your Chain Attacks for this moment. Agrius Knuckle and Gaia Quake become deadlier at this point with these buffs on, especially as he’ll start chaining the two Arts together at times.

Once you’ve nearly defeated Moebius G, it will use Reflective Shell as a last-ditch maneuver. This will give him the Armor Veil and it will soak up a lot of damage before you can start hurting him again, make sure you’re healed up at this stage and push through to finish the battle.

If you’ve already defeated Moebius B, you’ll have some idea of what to expect in this battle. You may want to bring two Healers along to the battle (on top of the mandatory Teach) as although Teach’s buffs are incredibly useful, his capabilities is lacking compared to some of the other Healers like War Medic.


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