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Joulietta and Romero

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Joulietta and Romero Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Start the Joulietta and Romero Standard Quest

(1 of 2) One of the two Info spots needed to begin this quest

One of the two Info spots needed to begin this quest (left), The other piece of Info needed (right)

You won’t be able to get this quest until Chapter 6, and you will need to have completed Romero and Joulietta first. In addition to that, you will need to have returned to the City at any point, which can be done by going to Farview Cape and speaking to the Armory Pilot there. Note that if you do the Going Home quest, then you will automatically be forced to go back to the City at the end. Once you have access to the City again, you will need to find two pieces of Info. One will be in the central section, while the other is on the western end, as you’re going north. Get both to receive the Joulietta’s Attitude Info, then discuss it to officially start the quest.

How to Complete the Joulietta and Romero Standard Quest

The party is intrigued how far along Romero and Joulietta are in their wedding plans, so they decide to speak with both of them. Note that the quest log says you only need to speak with one of them, but that’s not entirely true. Speaking to Romero will actually progress the quest, while Joulietta is optional. Joulietta will be near the central portion of the City, although you won’t get much out of her. Romero will be in the southeastern corner of the City, and he tells you that Joulietta has joined the Lost Numbers.

The choice here doesn't largely matter

He wants you to go meet up with her at Sentridge Harbor, as that is where her grouped is being briefed for their next mission. If you forgot where Sentridge Harbor is located, it’s where you got your boat, and it’s in the Cadensia Region. Upon arriving at the harbor, you catch a little bit of the briefing and get suckered into participating in it. You will have the option to join either the vanguard or the rearguard. Although the choice doesn’t really matter, you do get some better affinity by joining the rearguard. The operation will be taking place in the N’ohm Wetlands, at the base of the Great Sword.

Fast travel to the Bannis Path landmark and head southwest to the marker. You will be facing off against seven enemies here, although you’re not alone and have some help, all of which are level 50-51. Naturally, you should try to take out the healers first, since you don’t need any of the others to gain health back and make the fight last longer. Of course, the Defenders will be annoying and likely target lock you onto them. There is also the Gastrates, the big Levnis, which can do some AoE attacks and be annoying.

(1 of 2) Things are always hectic at the beginning of a multi-enemy battle

Things are always hectic at the beginning of a multi-enemy battle (left), The Gastrates will likely be your last enemy standing (right)

After all of the enemies have been defeated, return to Sentridge Harbor and the end of the quest.

EXP Gold SP Rewards
4900 2300 3 Silver Braided Belt (Rare) x1


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