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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

All Ascension Quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Ben Chard

This is a guide for all of the Ascension quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll show you how and when you can undertake each Ascenion quest to release the Rank cap on all classes for Noah and the party.

There are many Ascension Quests that will raise the Class Rank in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What Are Ascension Quests?

In the main menu, you’ll find the Quests menu which is further sorted by four categories: Story, Hero, Standard, and Collectopaedia Cards. As expected, you’ll find Hero Quests in the yellow Hero tab but additionally, you’ll also find Ascension Quests and Side Stories in this tab too.

Ascension Quests are fully voiced Quests that directly impact the main plot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 along with each one releasing the cap on that Hero’s Class along with raising the Hero themselves to Rank 20. This is important, as Rank 15 will unlock another of the Hero’s Skills to be used on other Classes while Rank 20 will unlock their Talent Art for use with other Classes. Additionally, the Arts available to that Class will get a boost in damage and effectiveness.

The list below will show you how to unlock every Ascension Quest as soon as they’re available. Click the Quest name for a walkthrough and we’ve split the list into Ascension Quests for the main party and your Heroes.

Party Ascension Quest List

Icon Lv Name Chapter Prerequisite Character Class
Hero_Quests.png 45 Side Story - Eunie 5 Info Fragment in the City Eunie Medic Gunner
Hero_Quests.png 46 Side Story - Lanz 5 Info Fragment in Cadensia Lanz Heavy Guard
Hero_Quests.png 50 Side Story - Mio 6 Upper Aetia as part of the Main Story Mio Zephyr
Hero_Quests.png 54 Side Story - Taion 6 Info Fragment in Agnus Castle Taion Tactician
Hero_Quests.png 53 Side Story - Sena 7 Info Fragment in the City Sena Ogre
Hero_Quests.png 60 Side Story: Noah 7 As part of the Ultimate Vessal Main Story quest Noah Swordfighter

Hero Ascension Quest List

Beyond completing their prerequisite Quest, all of these Ascension Quests also require you to have the Inheritor reach Rank 10 of the Class.

Icon Lv Name Chapter Prerequisite Character Class
Hero_Quests.png 49 Reasons to Evolve 5 Complete For Colony 9 Zeon Guardian Commander
Hero_Quests.png 50 Payback for Treason 5 Lovebirds Gray Full Metal Jaguar
Hero_Quests.png 57 Inescapable Past 5 Complete the Scant Supplies Quest Alexandria Incursor
Hero_Quests.png 60 My Memories 5 Cook Manana’s Battle Soup with Triton in the party Triton Soulhacker
Hero_Quests.png 42 I’m a Mechanic! 5 Complete Phase 5 of Dorrick Valdi War Medic
Hero_Quests.png 48 Survivors 6 Complete Learning from Lambda Juniper Stalker
Hero_Quests.png 52 Culinary Repertoire 6 Take Riku & Manana to Hykt Cove Riku & Manana Yumsmith
Hero_Quests.png 54 Shadow of Enmity 6 Complete Extracurricular Lesson Teach Thaumaturge
Hero_Quests.png 56 A Farewell Reset 6 Complete Colony Mu Quests Fiona Signifier
Hero_Quests.png 59 Effervescent Heart 6 Complete New Developments Isurd Strategos
Hero_Quests.png 64 Happiness 6 Bring Miyabi to Michiba Canteen in the City Miyabi Troubadour
Hero_Quests.png 59 Promise to the Future 7 Bring Monica to the City Monica Lost Vanguard
Hero_Quests.png 61 Knowing Your Family 7 Bring Ghondor to Agnus Castle Ghondor Martial Artist
Hero_Quests.png 63 A Deep-Seated Scar 7 Complete Three Ravens at War and Side Story: Noah Ashera Lone Exile
Hero_Quests.png 68 Invisible Bond 7 Complete Acknowledging Feelings Segiri Machine Assassin
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