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Everblight Plain

Jarrod Garripoli

Information on the Everblight Plain region of the Aetia Region.

The Everblight Plain is the very first area you will be able to explore in the game, which is located in the Aetia Region. As such, it is a low level area, although you will need to be careful with exploring the one section, as there will be some higher level enemies. There’s not an entire lot to do here, as it is the starting area of the game, so it’s a good start to get acclimated to the game and some of its basic systems. You will lose access

Everblight Plain


These are all of the Collectables that have been found in the Everblight Plain section of the map.

Collectable Value Rarity Notes
"Bloody Doomcap" iconBloody Doomcap 32 G Legendary
"Buloofo Fossil" iconBuloofo Fossil 27 G Rare
"Death Mushroom" iconDeath Mushroom 29 G Rare
"Dowdy Armor Kernel" iconDowdy Armor Kernel 19 G Common
"Ever-Revolfin" iconEver-Revolfin 20 G Common
"Helix Tube" iconHelix Tube 33 G Legendary
"Matryos Carbon" iconMatryos Carbon 12 G Common
Panda Pansy 25 G Rare Found in Riccalo Pond
"Ponio Fossil" iconPonio Fossil 14 G Common Found in Riccalo Pond
Rockabye Basalt 12 G Common
"Splendorshell" iconSplendorshell 37 G Legendary Found in Riccalo Pond
Twin Generators 17 G Common
Wraithwood 26 G Rare

Normal Enemies

This is a list of all of the normal enemies that can be found here. Note that Lucky Enemies always has a random chance to replace one of the normal enemies. Elite and Unique Enemies are static.

Enemy Enemy Type Level Notes
Amity Flier AerialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~41-42
Colnicas Ropl TerrestialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~42 Will aggro
Fact Bunnit TerrestialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~42
Foggy Piranhax AquaticLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~3 Found in Riccalo Pond
Gegl Quadwing AerialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~43
Light Flier AerialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~1 Doesn’t always aggro
Light Skeeter AerialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~2-3 Will aggro; Found in Riccalo Pond
Little Bunnit TerrestialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~2-3 Doesn’t aggro
Naberius Bunnit TerrestialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~43
Wood Bunnit TerrestialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png ~2-4 Will aggro

(1 of 2) Most of the enemies you find here are of the appropriate level

Most of the enemies you find here are of the appropriate level (left), but there are some high level enemies off to the one side (right)

Elite Enemies

This is a list of all Elite Enemies in the area. They are designated with a blue flair on the side of their name. They are usually just stronger versions of the normal enemies, with more health and higher attack and defense. Elite enemies reward you with a 250% Exp Bonus, 300% CP Bonus, and 350% Gold Bonus.

Enemy Enemy Type Level Notes
Varran Bunnit TerrestialLifeEnemiesIconsMapXenoblade3.png 44

Unique Enemies

There are no Unique enemies to be found in Everblight Plain.


The following table will list all of the Landmarks to be found in the Everblight Plain. Note that these will usually give you a small amount of EXP, with some also giving you extra rewards. Landmarks are useful in establishing fast travel points.

Landmark Description Map EXP Gain
Torchlight Hill Central region of Everblight Plain Map Marker +5 EXP
Riccalo Pond Pond between Everblight Plain and Colony 9 Map Marker +5 EXP


The following table is a list of all the Containers located in Everblight Plain.

Location Map Reward
West of Riccalo Pond Map Marker Attack Stone (Rare)
On the lake bank north of Riccalo Pond Map Marker Nopon Coin (Silver) x2

Soldier Husks

The following table is a list of all the Soldier Husks you will find in the Everblight Plain.

Location Map Reward
Just north of Riccalo Pond (Forced through story) Map Marker +20 Affinity with Colony 9.png Colony 9
Southeast of Riccalo Pond, on a ledge Map Marker +20 Affinity with Colony 9.png Colony 9


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