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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Ascension Quest: I'm a Mechanic

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the “I’m a Mechanic” Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to starting the Quest and upgrading Valdi’s Class, War Medic.

I'm a Mechanic is Valdi's Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Lieutenant Yuzet has collapsed from overwork. To fulfill his duty as his commander, Valdi decides to head to Colony Lambda.

Icon Character Prerequisite Level Rewards
Valdi.png Valdi Chapter 5 - Complete Dorrick Phase 5, Lanz War Medic at Rank 10 42 3080 EXP, 3050 G, 10 SP

How to Start the I’m a Mechanic Ascension Quest

Ascension Quests will start becoming available once you reach Chapter 5 in the main story. Beyond just simple story progress, there are several other steps for unlocking Ascension Quests which usually involve completing the Colony related Questlines (for Heroes that belong to one) along with ensuring that the Inheritor is at Rank 10 of the Class.

For Valdi’s Ascension Quest, you’ll need to first ensure that Lanz has reached Rank 10 with the War Medic Class. If he’s yet to do this, remember you can use Silver Nopon Coins to raise the levels of a Class.

The next step for Valdi’s Ascension Quest requires a lot of busywork as it’s all related to the rebuilding of Dorrick that first begins as part of the Big Friendly Friend Quest at Colony 30. This is a big undertaking, as each phase requires items found in the later regions and there are some more Standard Quests scattered in between them that you must complete to unlock the next phase. As some of these items can be tough to track down, you can find assistance for each phase by checking the following pages:

You'll need to rebuild Dorrick to Phase 5 before this Ascension Quest becomes available.

Once you’ve achieved all of these steps, make sure Valdi is in your party and head up to the medical tents to find Yuzet, starting Valdi’s Ascension Quest.

How to Complete the I’m a Mechanic Ascension Quest

Head to Colony Lambda

This Quest will take you around different Colonies in Aionios and your first stop is to see Isurd at Colony Lambda. Speaking with him, you’ll learn that there are Ansels at the top of the great falls who are causing problems for the Colony. If you can, Skip Travel to the Cascade Ferronis Hulk landmark and make your way south to the small island that the Ansels are occupying. You’ll be up against three of them and they should pose little threat as they’re similar to an Elite version of the Ansels you’ve been defeating already.

The Ansels are nothing more than regular enemies with increased HP.

Return to Colony Lambda once you regain control following victory and deliver the news to Isurd. Return to Yuzet at Colony 30 to deliver your report and you’ll be saddled with another errand.

Head to Colony 4

Skip Travel to the Colony 4 Barracks and head east to speak with Solon. He’ll inform Noah and co. about some missing soldiers from Colony 4 who were sent to Dannagh Desert. Your destination is to the southeast of the Colony, but you’ll have to work your way up the cliffs to reach it. Skip Travel to Raptor Perch and climb the Slippery Slope to the west (this requires you to complete the Hero Quest for Teach), follow this north and then west, using the Climbing Points to reach your destination, Glam Rock.

(1 of 2) You'll need the traversal skill to climb slippery slopes to reach the soldiers' location

You'll need the traversal skill to climb slippery slopes to reach the soldiers' location (left), a group of five Skeeters will attack once you reach Glam Rock and the soldiers. (right)

The Colony 4 soldiers will find themselves under attack from a group of Forin Skeeters, there’s five of them in total, but they don’t have much HP so shouldn’t pose a threat to your party, especially if you have two Tanks to handle the aggro appropriately. Return to Colony 4 and Solon following your victory to deliver the news and then return to the gates of Colony 30 to trigger a scene. Finally, make your way back to Yuzet to deliver the news and complete the Quest.

Following the Quest completion, you’ll release the Class Rank Limit on the War Medic Class and Valdi himself will be raised to Rank 20. You’ll also be able to continue with rebuilding Dorrick (up to a possible Phase 10) and the Standard Quests that unlock involving it.

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