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Boss Fight: Moebius Q

Ben Chard

This is a guide for the Moebius Q boss fight found in Alexandria’s Ascension Quest, Inescapable Past in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, taking place in the Fornis Region.

Moebius Q is a boss in Alexandria's Ascension Quest, Inescapable Past.

How to Beat Moebius Q

Name Level Type
Moebius Q 59 MoebiusOuroboros.png

The battle against Moebius Q can be a tough one if you’ve not prepared by having at least two Tanks and two Healers. That’s because you’re not only up against Moebius Q himself, but also two Armadillos. If you focus them down, they’ll go down quickly but especially at the start of the battle, it can get hectic, so you need the necessary roles to hold aggro and keep yourself topped up, especially as Alexandria is filling the Hero slot as an Attacker.

You’ve fought plenty of Armadillos by now but be sure to have the party focus them down one-at-a-time or you could be here a while, sustaining a lot of damage during the process. They’re vulnerable to combos and unless you’re taking a long time to defeat them, they’ll rarely even use Arts against you.

Once the Armadillos are down, you can focus on Moebius Q and you can learn all about the Arts available to him below:

  • Jamming Mist: Moebius Q will leap in the air and release a mist in an AoE in front of him, this has a chance to inflict Accuracy Down and Evasion Down on targets that are struck.
  • Beast Tail: Using his tail, Moebius Q will strike targets in an AoE behind him, dealing moderate damage. Also has a chance to inflict Toxin and Topple.
  • Moebius Dominion: Defenders Moebius Q will release a wave of energy that shackles all Defenders in your party.
  • Binding Surge: Moebius Q releases a wave of energy that covers the entire battlefield, granting a chance to inflict Bind on your characters.
  • Rage Assault: Moebius Q will charge at a single target, dealing moderate damage if every hit lands.

Moebius Q is another one of those Moebius that loves to use debuffs against you, and, as always, your counter to that should be to ensure you have someone as a Signifier to provide buffs of your own. Moebius Q will use Jamming Mist throughout, this will give inflict Accuracy and Evasion Down and if you’re truly unfortunate, you may get struck by both of them. This means Moebius Q is going to land all of his attacks unless you’re massively overleveled.

As what seems to be a trend with most of the Moebius battles lately, he has a Dominion Art, this time striking any Defenders in your party. Be sure to switch control to any Defenders and manually release them from the shackles rather than waiting for the AI to do it themselves. Binding Surge, likewise, also has a chance to inflict Bind on the entire party and even though it doesn’t persist as long as a Dominion, you’ll still want to switch to Healers or Defenders that get hit by this.

(1 of 2) Jamming Mist can inflict Evasion and Accuracy Down on the entire party

Jamming Mist can inflict Evasion and Accuracy Down on the entire party (left), Beast Tail is Moebius Q's main method of dealing damage. (right)

Moebius Q only has two Arts that deal any damage of note, however, with Beast Tail being the most common. He’ll slam his tail into the ground multiple times which can deal moderate damage in that AoE. To make matters worse, it can also cause Toxin and Topple which can be a real issue if you have lots of your characters get caught with this Art.

The other damage dealing Art Moebius Q has, Rage Assault, becomes available when he’s Enraged. He’ll charge at his target swiping them multiple times and although this can add up, you can simply just switch into an Interlink for that target to make it less of an issue.

As with all bosses that like to use a lot of debuffs against you, the best counter is to use buffs of your own and Moebius Q is no different here. Signifiers remain a crucial addition to any battle party at this stage of the game. Look to rely on combos in this battle too, Moebius Q is surprisingly vulnerable to them and can you lock him down at times to make the battle much easier for yourself.


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