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Hogwarts Legacy

All Collection Chests in Hogwarts Astronomy Wing in Hogwarts Legacy

Craig Robinson

The Astronomy Tower is one of the various areas within the Hogwarts Castle Grounds. Like all area of the castle, there are a lot of collectables to find. There is a total of six Collection Chests in the Astronomy Tower. Luckily for you, we’ve found them all, so, here is a look at the Astronomy Tower Collection Chest locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

All Collection Chests in Hogwarts Astronomy Wing in Hogwarts Legacy

There are six collection chests in the Astronomy Wing of the Hogwarts castle. Most of these will require some level of lock picking, so, make sure to read our Demiguise Statue guides for Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, as you will get enough from these two map regions to get the level 2 lockpicking you need to open all of the doors required. Some other doors will require the animal door puzzles to be solved, so you can refresh your knowledge on this here.

Location Rewards Requirements
Central Hall Conjuration Door Puzzle
Charms Calssroom Wand Handle Level 1 "Alohomora" iconAlohomora
Charms Hallway Conjuration Door Puzzle
Dungeons Wand Handle Level 2 "Alohomora" iconAlohomora
Gargoyle Room Wand Handle Level 2 "Alohomora" iconAlohomora
Fig’s Classrooom Wand Handle No requirements

Central Hall Collection Chest Location

You need to solve the door puzzle in the Central Library to get this storage room technically is part of the Astronomy Tower.

Head to the Library Annex, and teleport to the Central hall Floo Flame. Go down the stairs Now face south from the fountain, go towards the main door, and you will find a puzzle door on the right. Inside are two chests, one containing gear, and another a collection chest. Going through into the room is technically part of the Astronomy Wing.

To solve the puzzle:

  • The switch on the left is the Spider
  • Switch above is the Hydra.

Charm Classroom Collection Chest

On the roof from the Charms Classroom.

Go to the Charms Floo Flame, then enter the classroom. Up some stairs is a locked door, which you can open once you’ve got "Alohomora" iconAlohomora in the Autumn term. You only need level 1 to get in, so make sure to do the Moon side mission. Once you’ve broken into the door, loot two chests, then proceed up the stairs. You will reach the roof section, with a collection chest up against a wall. There’s also another locked room with level 2 Alohomora lock if you want more loot and the Dark Tower Cell Field Guide Page.

Charms Puzzle Door Collection Chest

Beat the Puzzle Door in the Charms Corridor. The solution is marked on the left and right sides of the image.

Teleport to the Charms Floo Flame in the Astronomy Tower, and turn left around the corner. You will find another puzzle door. Roll the left switch twice, and the right switch four times. See the image for context.

Here’s how to solve the puzzle

  • Left Switch: Goat
  • Right Switch: Four Legged Monster

Dungeons Collection Chest Location

Head into the dungeons via the Bell Tower stairs to find the potions room.

How to find:

  1. Teleport to the Bell Tower Courtyard in the Bell Tower Wing, and then go up the stairs on the right.
  2. At the top of the first flight of stairs, there’s a door straight ahead, go through it, and then head down the stairs.
  3. To the right is a door, go through, then follow the corridor and stairs downwards once again.
  4. At the bottom, you will find a "Sleeping Dragon Statue" iconSleeping Dragon Statue, and a corridor going right. (The Dragon Statue contains a Field Page by the way).
  5. Follow the corridor all the way down until you get to turn right. There is a locked level 2 door. If you access it, the chest is in the corner of the room.

Gargoyle Room Collection Chest

Bottom floor of the Dark Arts Tower contains a locked Gargoyle Room.

The Gargoyle Room is located at the very bottom of the Dark Arts Tower, near the main entrance. Travel to the Transfiguration Courtyard, and then enter the main Dark Art Tower through the large door behind you. When inside, look right towards the door at an angle guarded by two Gargoyles with its level 2 lock.

Professor Fig’s Classroom Collection Chest

Inside Professor Fig’s Classroom.

Head into the Astronomy Tower wing, then select the Professor Fig Floo Flame. From there, walk into his classroom, and in the corner directly in front of the door is a chest on a desk with butterflies.

This concludes how to find all Collection Chests in Hogwarts’ Astronomy Wing in Hogwarts Legacy. Feel free to check all the other parts of the Hogwarts Castle we have found the collection chests in:

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