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Hogwarts Legacy

All Treasure Vaults in South Hogwarts Region

Jessica Dillon

Finding Treasure Vaults can be rather easy with the "Revelio" iconRevelio Spell in hand and a flying broom. There are quite a few of these locations spread out all over the map, including a couple that are located in the low-level South Hogwarts region. Each of these vaults contains a chest with a gear item for you to add to your collection. The guide below goes over where to find both Treasure Vaults in South Hogwarts and how to open each of them in Hogwarts Legacy.

Treasure Vault cube in Hogwarts Legacy.

Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault

This vault is located right above the lake shore and is the simplest Treasure Vault you will encounter in the game. You will likely see the vault’s cube before you see the vault itself, especially if you are coming to the vault using a flying mount.

Lower Hogfield Treasure Vault location.

Once there is a cube on your side. Grab it with "Accio" iconAccio and put it on the circle directly in front of the vault.

Place the cube and it with fire to open the door.

From here, all you need to do is hit it with "Incendio" iconIncendio or "Confringo" iconConfringo, and the door will open. Once inside, you will find a single chest with a gear piece inside.

Underground Treasure Vault in South Hogwarts

The second vault is a bit trickier as it’s located down some steps and can’t be seen from the air. It’s located in the forest in Southern Hogwarts, down from the first Treasure Vault location.

Southern Hogwarts underground Treasure Vault location.

Go just a little bit south from the treasure vault, and you will see a handle in the side of a rock, pull it to open the vault.

The Southern Hogwarts Treasure Vault handle.

Once inside, look near the entrance to find a box on the shelf and pull it down using Accio.

Hidden Treasure Vault cube in Southern Hogwarts.

You will then want to drag the box toward the tomb. As you do, the tiles will move down, revealing a treasure chest.

Underwater Treasure Vault

This vault is located in the lake next to Hogwarts, to reach it swim or fly to the dive spot.

Underwater Treasure Vault location in South Hogwarts Region.

Inside you will see a handle on a cliff above the water, use Accio to pull it and open the vault.

Underwater Treasure Vault puzzle solution.

Treasure Vault Near Aranshire

This treasure vault is located a little outside of the small town of "Aranshire" iconAranshire.


There is a cube located down the path from the Treasure Vault, use Accio to pull it onto the pedastal and then cast "Levioso" iconLevioso to have it open the door.

Using Levioso on the treasure cube.

Treasure Vault Under The Bridge

This Treasure Vault is located directly under the bridge across from Hogwarts Castle.

Treasure Vault located under South Hogwarts Region bridge.

Grab the nearby cube and place it on the pedestal. Afterward it with a fire spell like Incendio to open the Treasure Vault.

Treasure Vault Below Aranshire

This vault is located in the field down from Aranshire.


This Treasure Vault is blocked by rubble, hit it with Confringo to get inside.

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