It’s a big world out there and the towns are the only safe places… for the most part.

In typical RPG fashion, the game takes place on a large world map, dotted with towns and dungeons. When you’re on the map, you can control your character with the circle pad and they will move in the direction you slide the circle pad. Your character can move anywhere, so long as there isn’t a wall, mountain or other obstruction in the way.

You begin the game in the Kingdom of Caldisla, a town safe from threats. Here, you can practice the controls as you explore the town. To move to a new area, head for a door or the edge of the screen and press the A or L button when the “Enter” or “Exit” prompt appears on the top screen.

Note : Not all doors lead somewhere, so be careful you don’t waste your time. For an easy way to determine your possible routes, study the town map on the bottom screen. Areas coloured in cyan indicate passages to other areas.

Interacting With Townsfolk

It would be pretty boring if all you could do was walk around and not speak with the townspeople. When you want to strike up a conversation, approach somebody and press the A or L button when the “Speak” prompt appears. Sometimes you might get a gameplay tip; other times it’s just your average NPC nonsense.

Important : If you speak to the red-hatted Adventurer (indicated by the hat with a S icon on the bottom screen), you can access the ever-important Save menu . From here, you can save your game, connect online to update data, add friends or quit your game.

Hidden Items

You’d be surprised at what you can find for free if you just look around carefully.

Scattered throughout each town are a horde of items hidden from plain sight. To get your grubby hands on these hidden items, just pace around suspicious-looking areas, like flower pots, barrels, the corner of a street… or just everywhere!

If you happen upon a hidden item, an “ Inspect “ prompt will appear on the top screen–when this occurs, press the A or L button to reap your reward!

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