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Bravely Default

White Mage (White Magic)

Vincent Lau

The first healer job you get–and very generously you get it near the beginning of the game. It has high MP, Intelligence and Mind–ideal for a healer–but poor Physical Attack and Defense. Basically, anyone in this job will be healing and supporting only or using magic to attack.

Unlike most other jobs, this is one job you will want to stick with for the entirety of the game, as its the only job with access to all the healing spells. Many of its spells are essential, such as the Cure series for healing, Esuna for curing ailments, Dispel to get rid of enemy buffs and Rise to resurrect fallen allies.

However, once you’ve levelled up this job to a sufficient level, you can switch your White Mage to a different job and change their Job Command to White Magic. That way your healer can do other things when they don’t need to heal, like buffing your party. Just make sure to pick a job (or equipment) with high Mind for efficient healing.


Equipment Rank
Staves S
Rods B
Daggers C
All other weapons E
Shields, Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Self-Healing

Recover from Poison, Blind and Silence at the end of battle. This is useful for saving MP or recovery items, but a bit of a cop-out since it’s in the middle of battle that you really want to get rid of ailments. This is less of a problem for short, easy battles or when you get hit by an ailment right near the end.

Level 1: White Magic Lv.1

Allows use of Cure, Poisona and Blindna with the appropriate scrolls in possession. Cure is essential for healing; it can be group-cast in or outside of battle to heal the party, though its healing power will be reduced having been spread out. Poison and Blind are two ailments you encounter early on, so cures for them are great too.

Level 2: Magic Defense 10% Up

Raises the character’s Magic Defense by 10%.

Level 3: White Mage Lv.2

Allows use of Protect, Shell and Aero with the appropriate scrolls in possession. Protect and Shell are decent for buffing your character’s Physical and Magic Defense, but it’s a shame they can only be cast on one target at a time. Aero is good for targeting monsters weak to wind; though you’d need high Intelligence (like Black Mage as your primary job) to really benefit from it.

Level 4: Staff Lore

Raises the arms aptitude for Staves to S. Now your character can gain the highest Attack bonus for Staves in any job (doesn’t affect healing power). Not exactly stellar since Staves aren’t great weapons…

Level 5: Self-Healing

Recover from Poison, Blind and Silence at the end of battle. Same as the White Mage’s Specialty, except you no longer have to be a White Mage to benefit.

Level 6: White Magic Lv.3

Allows use of Cura, Raise and Esuna with the appropriate scrolls in possession. Cura is a better version of Cure; perfect for healing your party. Raise allows revival of a character with 0 HP; it’s a bit costly in terms of MP, but useful for conserving Phoenix Downs. Esuna cures all major ailments; ace!

Level 7: Abate Water

Reduces damage taken from water-based attacks (doesn’t stack with equipment). This is a god-send for enemies–especially bosses–with water-based attacks.

Level 8: Angelic Ward

50% chance of halving damage sustained from an enemy attack (doesn’t halve Poison damage). For its cost, this ability is amazing. While it’s not a sure-fire way of staying in the game, having a coin-flip chance to take half damage each time you take a hit is fantastic in the long run. Will help your healer to survive more attacks.

Level 9: White Magic Lv.4

Allows use of Reflect, Dispel and Aerora with the appropriate scrolls in possession. Reflect is interesting in that magic used on an ally with Reflect cast on them will hit the enemy instead, making it great for countering magic-based enemies. Just watch out that your healing spells will bounce off your ally too… Dispel is great for removing enemy buffs or special effects; it also removes the Stop ailment.

Level 10: Magic Defense 30% Up

Raises the character’s Magic Defense by 30%. That’s funny, where did the 20% version go (answer: a different job has it)? Useful for surviving fierce enemy casters or Anchorites.

Level 11: White Magic Lv.5

Allows use of Esunaga, Curada and Aeroga with the appropriate scrolls in possession. This ability contains all-improved spells. Esunaga now cures the party of most status ailments–excellent for dealing with pesky ailments. Curada heals even more and Aeroga does even more damage; simple!

Level 12: Epic Group-Cast

Damage dealt and HP recovered does not decline when group-casting magic. If, for example, Aeroga does 1000 damage to one enemy, it will now do 1000 damage to each enemy when you group-cast it, instead of the reduced amount. This ability is useful for clearing out enemy mobs, but not so much for improving your healing, since there are better abilities for that…

Level 13: White Magic Lv.6

Allows use of Curaga, Arise and Holy with the appropriate scrolls in possession. The ultimate White Mage spells are here! Curaga is the strongest healing spell, while Arise resurrects a fallen ally with full HP–costly but highly effective. Holy deals major Light damage to a target.

Level 14: Conservation of Life

When your character suffers a K.O. all allies with zero HP will be revived with full HP. This works even if all characters suffer a K.O. at once. However, this effect only works once per battle per character that has this ability. With four characters you can arrange a comeback up to four times. You don’t need this ability, but having it on at least one character could make or break a tough battle.


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