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Spiritmaster (Spiritism)

Vincent Lau

The scholarly Spiritmaster uses the power of spirits to amplify White Magic and provide support for its allies. It has excellent MP and Mind, making it a masterful healer; its Intelligence is good too, if it needs to dish out magic damage.

Just as the Arcanist complemented the Black Mage, the Spiritmaster goes hand in hand with the White Mage and you’d do well to have a character with abilities from both. Save White Magic MP allows your White Mage to cast more healing spells before running out of MP, while Holy One boosts their healing power by 2.5 times.

The good news doesn’t end there, as Spiritmasters possess a variety of abilities to protect its allies too. Adaptation lets an ally absorb all damage sustained from elemental attacks, trivializing enemies that rely on elemental spells or attacks. Meanwhile Fairy Ward protects the party from status ailments… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Equipment Rank
Staves S
Rods C
All other weapons E
Shields, Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Save White Magic MP

Lowers the MP cost of White Magic by 25%. White Magic should be a staple in every party and any way to extend its usage is most welcome, especially if it’s free!

Level 1: Spirit Ward

All elemental damage to the selected ally is nullified for four turns. We’re off to a great start here, with the ability to take zero damage from elemental attacks–anything that does Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Light or Dark damage, which includes most offensive spells. If you know the enemy has elemental attacks, you’ll want to use this (until you get better abilities…).

Level 2: Auto-Shell

The user casts Shell (raises Magic Defense by 25%) on themselves at the beginning of the battle; the effect lasts for ten turns. All this really does is save one turn, although the boost does last twice as long.

Level 3: Magic Defense 20% Up

Raises the character’s Magic Defense by 20%. Improves your character’s durability against magic.

Level 4: Fairy’s Aid

The target’s elemental attacks do 1.5 times damage for five turns. Sacrifice two of your turns to improve another character’s damage for a couple of turns. Applies for elemental spells or any attacks aligned with an element, such as your Special Moves.

Level 5: Convert BP

The user gets rid of 25% of their Maximum MP to raise their BP by 2. Given than you need one turn (equivalent to 1 BP) to use this, you’re essentially gaining 1 BP for your efforts. When things are looking bad, this ability could save your bacon. Otherwise, there are cheaper alternatives to boosting your Spiritmaster’s BP, like the Performer’s One More For You.

Level 6: Save White Magic MP

Lowers the MP cost of White Magic by 25%. Allows your healer to help out more before they have to rummage for MP supplies. Although if you healer is equipped with the Salve-maker‘s Healing Lore or the Spiritmaster’s Holy One, you can heal your party just as well with weaker, low-cost spells.

Level 7: Adaptation

The selected ally absorbs all elemental damage for four turns. Okay, let’s just take a deep breath… Not only does your character take zero damage from elemental attacks, but they restore HP equal to the damage done. It’s no surprise that this ability trivializes many enemies with an elemental focus.

Level 8: Stillness

Damage to all enemies and allies is nullified for two turns; status ailments and other effects still apply. Sacrifice three turns to call a temporary ceasefire. During this ceasefire, you can heal and buff your party or drop the enemies’ stats. Or if you manage your characters’ Speed well, you can unleash powerful attacks on the enemy and finish with Stillness before they can act.

This ability breaks the game in half if used in the right hands, allowing you to beat most enemies without a scratch. Just note that if you want to repeatedly use Stillness, you’ll need to feed some BP to the user (or have two characters with Stillness) as they’ll be one BP in debt the turn Stillness ends. Works well in conjunction with the Time Mage’s Hasten World for non-stop BP.

Level 9: Holy One

Drops the user’s Physical Attack by 25% but raises the power of their healing magic by 2.5 times. A viable alternative to the Salve-maker’s Healing Lore to increase your healing power, although Healing Lore has the benefit of increasing the effect of items too.

Level 10: Greater Spirit Ward

All elemental damage to your party is halved for four turns. Sacrifice three of the Spiritmaster’s turns to increase your party’s defenses. Compared to using Adaptation on all four party members, you’re saving one turn, but you will take some damage. However that one turn is handy against bosses that suddenly weaken your elemental resistance.

Level 11: Fairy Ward

Your party becomes immune to Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Paralyze, Dread, Berserk, Confuse, Charm, Doom, Death and Stop for five turns. Wow, that was a mouthful; basically your party becomes protected from all the major ailments–some of which are dreadfully fatal. You will need to sacrifice three turns to cast it, but the benefits outweigh the cost.

Level 12: Moderation

Each ally or enemy in battle has their BP reduced by 1 if they have 1 BP or more or increased by 1 if they have -1 BP or less. Your Spiritmaster gives up three of their turns to put everyone’s BP into order. Useful for getting your characters in the red back into action and for eating at the enemy’s BP pool (although the Performer’s Zero Sum is better for the latter).

Level 13: Enigma

Your party takes zero damage from elemental attacks for four turns. Unless you’re running out of MP, casting four lots of Adaptation (which costs the same BP) is vastly superior.

Level 14: Maximize HP

Doubles the character’s Maximum HP during battle. Allows your character to survive twice the number of attacks. One caveat: this effect runs out should your character receive a K.O. For this reason, you’re better off compounding a Giant’s Draft with a Salve-maker for the same effect; at least you can reapply it after a K.O.


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