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Bravely Default


Vincent Lau

As our battle-weary Warriors of Light haplessly flick through their prophetic tome for advice, a ray of hope shines forth from its mystical pages. D’s Journal? Close; our wise and foreseeing heroes have in their possession the Gamer Guides strategy guide for Bravely Default.

Here at Gamer Guides, we have strived to create a strategy guide for Bravely Default that’s every bit as epic as the game itself. Like D’s Journal, our exclusive strategy guide shows you the future too, but with clear instructions and complete detail.

We’ll tell you how to tackle the game from beginning to end, to obtain the best ending and unlock all the sidequests. Of course, we provide in-depth strategies for dealing with all the tough bosses that obstruct your path and even those you willingly seek to challenge.

If that wasn’t enough, our guide is bursting at the seams–quite literally, if you check the word count–with all kinds of extras, such as a plethora of illustrative screenshots, boss battle videos, information on all the game’s jobs and abilities, an extensive item list, bestiary and steal list.

Before we begin the guide for real, we’d like to extend our gratitude to you for purchasing our guide and we sincerely hope you enjoy it. As always, we appreciate any comments or feedback, so we can continue to provide you with high-quality game guides.


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    Square Enix
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    14 February 2014
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    23 January 2021
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    Vincent Lau

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Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to the Final Fantasy-esque JRPG from RPG veterans Square-Enix. Inside our essential guide to the entire game we’re leaving no stone unturned as we show you:

  • A complete breakdown of the combat and game mechanics.
  • How to rebuild Norende in record time (for the very best upgrades).
  • All of the Jobs and the craziest combinations to destroy all enemies with.
  • How to conquer the main story (and get the true ending).
  • Easy-to-follow tricks to pummel every boss into the ground with!
  • Every single item, weapon or piece of armor in the game.
  • A complete enemy bestiary (and what items you can steal from them).
  • Killer tricks needed to beat all of the ultra-tough Nemeses bosses.
  • Exclusive 720p HD videos.

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