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Bravely Default


Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) It’s easy to miss this guy’s shop, which is a bit of a problem since he has a lot of unique items for sale.

It’s easy to miss this guy’s shop, which is a bit of a problem since he has a lot of unique items for sale. (left), (right)

Travel in a north-westerly direction from Grapp Keep and before long you’ll encounter a peculiar building with an upside down pyramid at its top–this is Starkfort, Lair of the Swordbearers. Reckless as it may be, Tiz has come to the enemy’s base to rescue Egil the canary boy. His plan? To go through the front door.

Just outside the stronghold, inspect the corner left of the entrance for an Earth Drum and the bottom-left corner on the right side for a piece of Stardust. On the right side, the Adventurer is ready to peddle his wares and save your game.

Storming The Stronghold

Inside the stronghold, on the first floor, you’ll find chests in the bottom-left corner (500 pg) and to the right (Hi-Potion). Pass the halfway point and an event will occur; Ringabel will study his journal and suggest that the party head right to save time. Do as the man says and you’ll find stairs leading up in the top-right corner.

Upstairs, on the second floor, there’s chest nearby containing an Ice Brand. Continue along the remaining path and, at the end, the party will stumble upon Egil, who’s somehow managed to shake off his captors. One of Egil’s remarks, about the fire vestal, puzzles the gang, but the boy is too exhausted from his ordeal to continue.

Egil’s Help

Take Egil safely back to Hartschild and Tiz will decide to leave Egil at the Goodman’s residence. When Egil awakens, however, he panics and flees the residence. Outside in town, head for the bottom-left corner, where the long stairs lead down, to find him. Apparently Egil knows of a way into the Temple of Fire via the Mythril Mines.

The next day, Tiz and company leave Egil in Eleanor’s care and make for the Mythril Mines to seek the hidden passage that Egil described. Approach the mine entrance and Egil will come running in front of the party, with a bunch of Black Blades chasing behind… Crush the Black Blade, Black Axefighter and Black Pikeman like you did in the mines.

Egil reveals that only he can open the secret passage and, after some dispute, the party agree to bring him along. Carefully return to the north-most area of basement level 2, where the Adventurer is located. Approach the door at the end and Egil will show off his moves, unlocking the door and revealing the fiery passage leading further in.


Item Price Comment
Zweihander 7500 -
Battle Mace 4800 -
Orichal Dagger 5000 -
Hammer Knuckles 4200 -
Spiked Shield 3700 Increases Physical Attack
Mage’s Hat 1500 Increases Intelligence
Headband 1800 Increases Strength
Black Robe 6000 Increases Intelligence
Power Sash 2400 Increases Strength
Giant’s Gloves 1500 Sacrifices Dexterity for Strength
Power Bracers 4000 Increases Strength
Amulet 4000 Increases Intelligence


Item Price Comment
Potion 20 Restores 150 HP
Hi-Potion 150 Restores 500 HP
Phoenix Down 100 Revives from K.O.
Ether 1000 Restores 40 MP
Antidote 10 Cures Poison
Eye Drops 20 Cures Blind
Echo Herbs 25 Cures Silence
Wakeup Bell 50 Cures Sleep
Balsam 100 Cures Dread
Remedy 500 Cures a variety of status ailments
Teleport Stone 100 Return to dungeon entrance


Item Price Comment
Drain 1600 Drain HP from enemy
Aspir 1600 Drain MP from enemy
Fear 1600 May inflict Fear on enemy
Hastega 1600 Increases party’s Speed
Veilga 1600 Increases party’s Evade
Comet 1600 Random non-elemental damage
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