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Genome Ability List (Part 1)

Vincent Lau

Once you have access to the Vampire job, you can learn certain abilities from monsters (known as Genome Abilities) by using the Vampire’s Genome Drain ability. After being learned, Genome Abilities can be used from the Vampire’s Genome Ability command–each ability has its own effect and cost.

In order to learn a Genome Ability, you must have a character with Genome Drain get hit by the ability; provided the character isn’t inflicted with a movement-impairing ailment, they will automatically use Genome Drain to learn the ability. Once one character has learned an ability, all characters will be able to use it.

To determine which abilities can be learned, you can check the Bestiary in D’s Journal–potential Genome Abilities will be indicated with pointy brackets. Naturally, to save you hassle, we’ll tell you the easiest ways to learn each ability. Note that from Chapter 5, the game shuffles around most of the enemies, so we’ve listed two sets of enemies for you to seek out.

No.001 Curse

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Wraith (Harena region at night), Ghost (Eisenberg region at night), Magician (Underflow; second half) Specter (Vestment Cave), Nightmare (Dark Aurora)

Lower one enemy’s Physical Attack and Physical Defense by 25% for four turns; cannot be used when silenced. Pretty nifty as you can drop two of the enemy’s key stats in one go.

No.002 Spray

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Deathfish (sea between Ancheim and Florem) Marine Devil (the open sea)

A Water-element attack on one enemy that ignores the damage reduction from Default. It’s not very strong, but a cheap way of denting enemies that use Default.

No.003 Venom

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Red Flan (Underflow) Red Flan (Dimension’s Hasp B8)

Attack one enemy; has a 75% chance of inflicting Poison. Better than the Black Mage’s Poison (until they get Group-Cast All) as you can do damage at the same time.

No.004 Wing Scales

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Great Moth (Vestment Cave) Great Moth (Dimension’s Hasp B6)

Attack one enemy; has a 75% chance of inflicting Confuse. Confused enemies may attack their friends instead, so this is nice for messing with mobs. Just be aware that Confuse goes away after taking a hit and it’s no good when there’s just one enemy.

No.005 Firestorm

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Cannot be learned Flame Moth (Underflow)

A Fire-element attack on all enemies that does 1.25 times damage and drops their Physical Defense by 25% for three turns. We mention this occasionally, but Firestorm is one of our favorite abilities. The damage doesn’t sound hot (pun not intended), but since it’s a physical move, you can easily improve its damage with equipment and buffs.

No.006 Tornado

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Cannot be learned Rukh (Florem region)

A Wind-element attack on all enemies. The damage is nothing special, but it’s good against mobs weak against Wind.

No.007 Blizzard Blast

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Cannot be learned Ice Golem (Eternia region)

A Water-element attack on all enemies. Like Tornado, the damage is standard fare, but it’s decent against Water-weak mobs.

No.008 Dual Attack

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Catamount (Witherwood) Catamount (Dimension’s Hasp B6)

Unleash two attacks on random enemies that do 0.65 times damage each. Lets you do 1.3 times damage in one move; not super-awesome, but better than nothing.

No.009 Chomp

Chapter 4 and earlier Chapter 5 and later
Valtora (Eternia region) Valtora (Crescent moon island)

Has a 50% chance to drop one enemy’s HP to 1; doesn’t work on bosses. Not reliable by any means, but it lets anybody topple tough monsters if they’re lucky.


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