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Bravely Default

Asmodeus (Lv.70, Lv.99)

Vincent Lau

Before tackling this demonic fiend, equip your characters with Abate Lightning (Summoner) and Charm Immunity (Performer). Your healer should have the Raikiri (Katana; steal from Mailed Dragons) to negate Lightning and the Ribbon (final dungeon) to negate multiple ailments.

Level HP Weak to Immune to
70 300,000 Water, Wind, Aquatic Earth

Asmodeus uses Hammer to attack one character and Thundaja –the ultimate Lightning spell–to shock your entire party. Its nastiest attack is Venomous Sting , which does more than inflict Poison–it also adds Dread, Confuse, Paralyze, Blind and Silence too… To counter Venomous Sting, have a Spiritmaster cast Fairy Ward to null ailments for five turns.

Besides causing pain to your characters, Asmodeus also uses Lust to try and Charm your party. If inflicted by Charm, your characters will ignore commands and aid Asmodeus instead, which can wreck your chances. Occasionally, Asmodeus will use Call of the Infernal to temporarily remove one of your characters from battle.

A few turns later, it will use Release to return your Out Of Battle character into play, inflicting Charm on them (note that the Ribbon doesn’t protect from Charm caused by Release, but other forms of Charm immunity do, strangely). If your healer gets swallowed into the Infernal Realm, it doesn’t bode well for your plans–better have a backup healer just in case.

Level 99 Version

Level HP Weak to Immune to
99 500,000 Water, Wind, Aquatic Earth

This enhanced Asmodeus has two new tricks. Firstly, it has the Slow and Steady ability, which raises its already-impressive Speed after it uses Default; with the Speed boost, Level 99 Asmodeus notches 148 Speed, which is enough to outpace typical parties.

Secondly and this is the killer: Asmodeus can use Call of the Infernal to send multiple characters into the Infernal Realm–even all four! As soon as all four are gone from this world, you get a Game Over; if you don’t beat down Asmodeus fast, you’ve got no chance of winning.

Between avoiding Asmodeus’s Venomous Sting and Call of the Infernal, you likely won’t get very far into the battle using conventional strategies. However, there are two ways you can win without breaking a sweat.

Jump To Victory

(1 of 2) Speed is the most important stat, followed by damage.

Speed is the most important stat, followed by damage. (left), (right)

Firstly, you can have everybody use High Jump on each turn to avoid all of Asmodeus’s moves–including Call of the Infernal. But because of its crazy Speed, your characters must have even-crazier Speed to not get outsped.

Everyone needs to be a Ninja with the Valkyrie’s job command and the following abilities: Spear Lore (Valkyrie), Speed 30% Boost (Thief) and Speed 10% Boost (Thief). A fourth character should swap the two Speed abilities for Hasten World (Time Mage) and Speed 20% Boost (Thief).

For equipment, you want your Ninjas to Dual-Wield the best spears and have the Hermes Shoes (Agility +20; steal from DeRosa in Chapter 7) equipped. If you’re unlucky, the Ninja with Hasten World will get outrun by Asmodeus and killed, but so long as your other three don’t get outsped, you should be able to win the battle.

Slip Some Poison

The second strategy requires an Arcanist or Conjurer with the Black Mage‘s job command, Status Ailment Amp (Arcanist) and the best Intelligence-increasing equipment. What you want to do is use the Black Mage’s Poison spell to inflict Poison on Asmodeus.

Normally bosses take 1% HP damage from Poison or are immune to it. However poor Asmodeus takes the full dosage–a whopping 10% HP damage, which means all you need to do is wait 10 turns for it to die of Poison.


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