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Bravely Default

Salve-maker (Medication)

Vincent Lau

The eccentric and rather odd-looking Salve-maker is adept at healing and playing around with items. Its stats are fairly well-rounded; not excelling in any areas. What makes the Salve-maker highly recommended is its assortment of incredibly useful abilities.

For starters, Salve-maker has Healing Lore, which doubles the HP and MP recovered when using spells, abilities or items. Now your Cura will be twice as powerful and your Turbo Ethers will restore double the usual amount of MP. It’s no exaggeration that Salve-makers are just about the best healer job.

It doesn’t end there though, as the Salve-maker’s Compounding ability lets them combine two items to create special effects. Early on, you can create a compound that revives a character from K.O. and effectively restores all of their HP; later, you can double a character’s Maximum HP. Needless to say, these will come in handy for tough bosses.


Equipment Rank
Staves S
Bows and Knuckles B
All other weapons E~D
Shields, Helms and Armor E

Specialty: Healing Lore

Double the amount of HP and MP restored when the user uses magic, abilities or items. This ability is as awesome as it sounds, allowing your healing spells and recovery items to be twice as effective.

Level 1: Compounding

Combine two items to obtain a special effect. There are 89 different effects in all; some are rubbish, some good and some downright crazy.

Please refer to the Compound List for all the special effects.

Level 2: First Aid

At the end of the turn, restore HP to the ally with the lowest HP. Can be used even if hit by Silence. Under some circumstances, this ability is helpful for limiting the number of wounded allies at the beginning of the next turn. Although most of the time you’d rather the healing occur at the beginning of the current turn.

Level 3: Experiment

Transform a consumable item into an attack item. The more valuable the item, the more likely you’ll get a stronger attack item. Experiment is good if you have an excess of consumables and fancy more attack items.

Level 4: Attack Item Amp

Increase the damage of attack items (for example Bomb Fragment) by 1.5 times. If you’re going to blast the enemy with attack items, you’ll want this. Now your Bomb Arm will do 2250 damage instead of 1500.

Level 5: Inoculate

Use a consumable item that cures a status ailment (for example Wakeup Bell) to confer immunity to that ailment for six turns. Can be used even when silenced. This is a good way of dealing with pesky ailments, but via Compounding you can confer immunity to ailments for ten turns, although it costs one extra item.

Level 6: Auto-Potion

Automatically use a Potion on yourself when you take damage. Must have a Potion for this ability to work. With Healing Lore, you can recover 300 HP per hit with this ability; it’s good when you first get the Salve-Maker, but drops in value as enemies hit harder.

Level 7: Shorten Ailment

The chance of Sleep, Paralyze, Dread, Confuse, Charm and Stop being naturally cured at the beginning of the turn increases by 50%. If you don’t have the necessary immunity, this ability is nice for reducing the downtime your character spends.

Level 8: Widen Area

Use an item and apply its effects to all targets. An Elixir on everybody? Why, thank you!

Level 9: Healing Lore

Double the amount of HP and MP restored when the user uses magic, abilities or items. The poor Salve-maker loses exclusivity of one of its best abilities; nothing can replace Compounding though.

Level 10: Turn Toxic

Use a Potion, Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Ether, Turbo Ether, Elixir or Megalixir to poison an enemy and deal HP and/or MP damage equal to the potion’s recovery amount. A Poison Elixir deals 9999 HP damage and 999 MP damage… ouch! Works with Attack Item Amp to make your healing items extra damaging.

Level 11: Auto-Phoenix

The user automatically uses a Phoenix Down on a fallen ally during their last command. Doesn’t work if you have no Phoenix Downs and doesn’t work during Bravely Second. How it works is that after your Salve-maker does its last move, it will also use a Phoenix Down on a random fallen ally; Defaulting doesn’t count as a move. Great for keeping your team off the floor.

Level 12: Collect

Obtain an item during battle; you get different items depending on your location. All the items you get this way can be used for compounding, so this is an easy way to quickly gather materials.

Level 13: Resurrect

Revive all fallen allies and restore 25% of their maximum HP; can be used even when silenced. This ability is amazing and it costs absolutely nothing too.

Level 14: Feel No Pain

The character’s HP will not fall for two turns from the beginning of the battle. At the end of the 2nd turn, any damage received will be applied at once. Basically your Salve-maker becomes invincible for two turns, before paying back in bulk. Useful for strategies that require you to have low HP or if you desperately need to survive the first two turns.

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