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Bravely Default

Sub-Scenario: Sky Knights Unite

Vincent Lau

A fair warning: The sub-scenarios from Chapter 7 will dramatically increase in difficulty, as the asterisk holders begin to band together to drive your heroes to the ground. If you found the solo rematches difficult, you may have to high-tail it to the nearest grinding spot (for instance, outside Florem or Eisenberg) or retool your strategies.

Anyway, this sub-scenario focuses on the Knights of the Eternian Sky stationed at Caldisla. To begin with, head for the Ruins of Centro Keep and speak to the Black Mage Ominas Crowe, who’s hiding near the bottom-left corner. The cowardly mage will call for reinforcements, but to his dismay, none will come, leading him to call in his pet summon…

Boss: Ominas and Bahamut

Level HP Weak to Absorbs
66 65,000 (Ominas), 88,610 (Bahamut) Nothing (Ominas), Water and Dragon (Bahamut) Fire (Bahamut)

Crazy Crowe uses his familiar tactics of toasting your party with Fira and electrocuting one character with Thunder. Between this, he’ll use Poison on your party or Sleep and Silence on single targets. That’s a lot of stuff to protect against, but resistance against Fire and Thunder is probably most important (and Silence for your healer).

Ominas’s pet dragon, Bahamut, uses Pico Flare to inflict heavy fire damage to one character. Ominas will also cast Fira on Bahamut to heal its HP. Don’t bother attacking Bahamut unless its to drop its attack, as this battle will end once Ominas falls.

The Spiritmaster’s Adaptation will come in very handy here, to make your characters absorb damage from Fira, Thunder and Pico Flare. Just watch out for Ominas and Bahamut’s occasional physical attacks too. If you have some spare hands, you can steal Lordly Robes (boosts Mind) from Ominas–great, but not essential.

After Ominas drops, his reinforcements finally arrive–and what reinforcements too! Now you must fight against Ominas again, backed up by his buddies Heinkel and Barras. Sweet…

Boss: Heinkel, Barras and Ominas

Level HP Weak to
66 90,000 (Ominas), 70,000 (Other two) Lightning (Heinkel), Nothing (Other two)

Be warned: If you plan to steal from the asterisk holders, you’ll need a LOT of patience and some solid characters. It helps to have a Spiritmaster put up Stillness, so you can steal without worrying about taking damage; just be careful that you can still suffer status ailments.

Heinkel carries a Lustrous Shield (negates Light), Barras carries a Hadean Claws (does Dark damage), while Ominas is carrying another Lordly Robes.

All three characters follow their solo attack patterns. Heinkel will use Ironclad and Protect Ally to take damage for his companions; you can bypass this with group-hitting attacks. We recommend you take out Heinkel first, so you can safely break out your deadly single-hitting moves.

Barras will use Invigorate to up his attack and follow with a normal attack. When his HP goes critical, he will damage everyone on the field with Invigorate, for dangerous effect. Either focus all your attacks on him before he can cause any damage or quickly put up Rampart. Because of his danger, we recommend leaving Barras for last unless you’re confident of a clean sweep.

You just fought Ominas moments ago so you should know what to expect. He’s annoying with his magic attacks and status ailments, so quickly dispose of him once Heinkel is safely out of the picture.

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