(1 of 2) Stop time for everyone but yourself with Bravely Second!

Stop time for everyone but yourself with Bravely Second! (left), (right)

When desperation strikes, you’d love an extra turn or want to break the damage barrier, press START or SELECT and yell “Bravely Second”! Time will freeze for everyone except you and you can now spend SP (Sleep Points) instead of BP for actions, then execute those actions straight away.

You can trigger Bravely Second, and therefore perform actions, at any time during battle–even in the middle of a turn, when everyone is exchanging hits. This can be helpful if your party is being floored and you can’t wait until the next turn to patch them up.

If you change your mind, press START or SELECT again to resume time and return to normal gameplay.

Caution: For actions that require extra BP, SP will be spent instead. So if you use the Knight’s Vengeance in Bravely Second, it will cost you 2 SP altogether (1 SP for the action and 1 SP for the 1 BP cost of Vengeance).

Note: Normally, damage is capped at 9999, but if you use an action in Bravely Second, it can go higher than this number, up to a new maximum of 999,999 damage… whoa!

How To Gain SP

(1 of 2) Don’t forget to keep an eye on how much SP you have. As a rule of thumb, always make sure you have 0 or more.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on how much SP you have. As a rule of thumb, always make sure you have 0 or more. (left), (right)

Though you can trigger Bravely Second at any time, you can’t use it if your SP is negative, similar to how your characters cannot act when they have negative BP. To check how much SP you have, simply glance at the counter in the bottom-right corner of the bottom screen; unlike BP, SP is shared amongst your party. There are two ways you can increase your SP:

Naturally: You will automatically gain 1 SP for every 8 hours of game time or time that your 3DS/2DS is in sleep mode with Bravely Default still running.

With Real Cash: When you can’t afford to wait, you can buy SP Drink items online using your Nintendo eShop balance–each drink restores 3 SP.

(The maximum SP you can store up is 3 SP, which equates to 24 hours of time or one SP Drink.)

Eight hours is a rather long time, but Bravely Default is a long game. Besides, if you’re serious about completing Bravely Default, chances are you’ll probably want to constantly leave it on sleep anyway so you can rebuild Norende Village at the same time.

SP Drinks Dissected

(1 of 2) SP Drinks are basically “Pay to Win”, but they’re not necessary at all.

SP Drinks are basically “Pay to Win”, but they’re not necessary at all. (left), (right)

Theoretically, you could totally hammer the game by endlessly buying SP Drinks and using Bravely Second so the enemy never gets a chance to move. It doesn’t help that you can access the SP shop mid-battle by pressing the S icon along the bottom of the bottom screen.

Yet, if we must be frank, there’s absolutely no reason to buy SP Drinks, ever. For normal purposes, the 1 SP you get every 8 hour is perfectly enough to get you through the game–heck, you can beat the game without Bravely Second.

Even if you are rubbish at the game, there are many better options, like grinding your party or scouring for overpowered friend summons (and, of course, studying our guide). If you’re really struggling, it’s unlikely a few extra actions per turn are going to help… However, at the end of the day, it’s your choice; we’re not going to tell you not to buy them!

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