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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-09-2020 / 01:01 GMT

After agreeing to assist the Shieldbearers, a blue exclamation mark will appear at the House by the Sea. When you have spare time, pay Datz and Zatz a visit to learn of an eerie ship that has been sighted sailing during some nights. The details of the ship’s location are very fuzzy so we recommend you just ignore them.

Our handy map indicates the possible locations where you can locate the spooky ghost ship.

Our handy map indicates the possible locations where you can locate the spooky ghost ship.

Simply sail around the sea around Grandship, during the day or night, and you’ll find a massive area of fog in one of three random locations relative to Grandship: north, south-west and south-east. Approach the fog and the party will decide to head into it or leg it in fear.

Once inside the fog, the crew will disembark on a ghost ship known as the S.S. Funky Francisca; there are honest-to-goodness ghouls on board too… After getting their bearings, the party hear a loud voice come from deep within; time to explore the ship then…

First, inspect the far left of the ship to find 2000 pg next, check the area immediately to the right of the central mast to find a Viking Axe (you may feel cheated if you bought one from the stores). Finally, head for the captain’s wheel to the ship’s far right to find the source of the voice; needless to say, prepare for battle!

Boss: Captain Barbarossa

Level HP Weak to
32 45,000 Lightning

This hulk of a man is a beast at laying down damage, so you need to be quick at keeping up with his damage. Equip the White Robe onto your healer for optimum healing power and the Hermes Sandals to out-speed the pirate! Barbarossa will use Defang to drop somebody’s attack and Shell Split to lower one character’s defence.

Occasionally he will Brave and use Shell Split followed by Double Damage , which does as its name suggests. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be left with a fallen ally, but you’ll have a free turn while Barbarossa is immobile to fix things.

Throughout the battle, use Default to mitigate damage and build up your BP for a rainy day. For offence, Barbarossa is weak to lightning and has poor magic defence, so Thundara (whether used by a Mage or Spell Fencer) is great.

Once he reaches low HP he will Brave twice to unleash three nasty attacks on one turn, which can be horribly destructive to your party. However he will become immobile for two full turns, so you can use this opportunity to repair your party and dish out your own heavy punishment.

Note : Send Barbarossa down the plank and you’ll earn the Pirate asterisk, allowing you to become a plunderer of the seas at any time. Pirates are great at dealing damage and have a variety of moves to lower the enemy’s attributes too.

We’re guessing you’ve been wondering about the mysterious crescent moon-shaped island for a while. Well, the mystery is about to be solved!

We’re guessing you’ve been wondering about the mysterious crescent moon-shaped island for a while. Well, the mystery is about to be solved!

Furthermore, if you have the Summoner asterisk you may now seek the powerful non-elemental summon Susano-o . Poor Barbarossa had been sailing aimlessly in search for it, but all you need to do is travel to the crescent moon island in the far north-east corner of the world map, then stroll towards the top-left corner of the island.

Depending on how durable your party is, you may get totally obliterated by Susano-o, but no matter because you can accept the Anchorite’s trial at any time. When you are ready to face the ordeal, equip your characters with high Magic Defence equipment and abilities, plus Angelic Ward (White Mage) to stand your ground.

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