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Bravely Default

Eternian Central Command (Ascent)

Vincent Lau

Upon escaping the prison, the way ahead will be open. But you can’t reach the Earth Crystal just yet, as the final door, to the far north, remains tightly locked. Instead, you must climb the rest of Central Command and obtain the key, which is likely held by Edea’s father…

On the ground floor, check the top-left corner to find a chest with a Pantheon’s Wrath. Nearby, there’s an exit leading to Westmoor, should you need to summon Grandship and return to a town to rest or restock supplies. When you’re ready to reach new heights, head for the top-right corner and take the elevator upstairs.

Floor 47

From the top-right corner where you start, follow the path down until you reach a crossroads in the very center. If you’re after treasure, take the right route first for chests containing a Gold Hourglass (by the top-right corner) and Lilith’s Kiss (by the bottom-left corner).

The bottom route goes nowhere, which leaves the left route–follow this to find a chest with a Turbo Ether by the top-right corner and stairs leading up near the bottom-left corner.

Floor 48

Up on the 48th floor, follow the corridors clock-wise until the path splinters into multiple directions near the north. Immediately to the right is a blue locked chest, which you can only ignore right now. Heading straight down will take you to a chest hiding a pair of Divine Fists.

Meanwhile if you follow the corridors right, below the blue chest, you’ll discover a set of lethal Assassin Daggers in a chest by the bottom-right corner. Finally, going up will set you towards Edea’s room in the top-right corner and the stairs to the next area by the bottom-right corner.

(1 of 2) …And here we are: Quite possibly one of the best designed locations in the game.

…And here we are: Quite possibly one of the best designed locations in the game. (left), (right)

Floor 49

Further upstairs, on the 49th floor, your destination is almost within sight. Here, follow the long, winding corridors anti-clockwise until you reach the left side. At the junction, head left and down to find a chest harboring a chunk of Stardust. Then follow the corridor up to go downstairs, where a Holy Lance awaits inside a chest.

Return to before the junction and continue moving anti-clockwise, where you’ll eventually reach the Adventurer and, to his right, an elevator leading to the Council Room. Before using the elevator, continue right to find a chest with an Elixir. Take the elevator and the group will immediately emerge before Braev.

Boss: Braev Lee

Level HP Weak to
45 35,000 (x3) Dark

Despite his conviction, Braev isn’t tough if you keep your HP in check. He will Default to build up BP, usually up to 2 or 3 and uses a variety of Holy Arts to stop you. Heart Strike does major damage to a single target, while Radiant Blast dishes out light damage and pierces Default

Braev likes to Brave (pun unintended) and connect his moves too, especially after he’s stored BP. When he reaches low HP, he will Brave twice and unleash three attacks, occasionally going into negative BP. He also uses Giant Slayer to deal more damage if you have more HP than him.

Ideally you want to hit Braev when he’s using Default and Default yourself when he’s gathered BP. However Braev takes massively-reduced damage when he Defaults, so you may wish to use moves or abilities that pierce Default, like the Valkyrie’s Pierce Default ability or the Monk’s Qijong Wave.

After defeating Braev, he will use Recover and restore full health (and again the next time), so you have to K.O. him a total of three times to win. As such, try to ration your moves or make sure you have plenty of recovery items, as the fight may take a while.

With Braev’s defeat, there will no longer be anything or anyone barring you to Everlast Tower, where the Earth Crystal is housed. Back on the ground floor, Edea will use Braev’s key to open the back door of Central Command, which leads straight to the snowy path to Everlast Tower.

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