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Bravely Default

The Great Treasure Hunt

Vincent Lau

When Chapter 6 begins, a mysterious Chest Key will appear on the deck of Grandship, by the top-right corner. With this invaluable key, you can unlock the blue locked chests located in various dungeons across the lands and get your grubby hands on some rare and powerful gear.

(1 of 2) See. We promised we’d tell you where all the blue chests are!

See. We promised we’d tell you where all the blue chests are! (left), (right)

To save time, you can go and open the chests as you seek the asterisk holders (assuming you’re up for a rematch). If you’re going through these locations anyway, there’s no sense in going back twice when you can get everything done in one trip!

Dungeon Chest Location Treasure
Lontano Villa On the 3rd floor, towards the far north Lustrous Shield (negates Light)
Harena Ruins In basement level 2, left from the center Air Knife (does Wind damage)
Grand Mill Works On the 2nd floor; take the top stairs and follow the path to the bottom-left corner Gale Staff (amplifies Wind)
Miasma Woods Central area, by the bottom-right corner Death Axe (use to trigger Death)
Vestment Cave On the 2nd floor, towards the far north Luminous Robe (amplifies Light)
Florem Gardens Central area, to the far north Royal Crown
Witherwood Interior area, by the center Longinus (trumps Aquatic)
Twilight Ruins In basement level 2, in the bottom-left corner Yoichi’s Bow
Grapp Keep On the 1st floor, by the north Genji Armor
Starkfort On the 2nd floor, near the middle Muramasa (use to trigger Defang)
Mythril Mines In basement level 2, near the top-left corner Genji Gloves
Underflow On the 1st floor, eastern side, (the first area) right from the center Genji Helm
Engine Room B29, towards east. Brave Suit (start with 1 extra BP)
Eternian Central Command On the 48th floor, near the top-right corner Chaos Blade (chance of Confuse)
Everlast Tower On the 3rd floor, top-left from the center Wonder Rod (casts random Black Magic)
Vampire Castle On the 1st floor, to the left Hadean Claws (does Dark damage)
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