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Bravely Default

Road to Central Command

Vincent Lau

From Eternia city, there are three paths to reach Eternian Central Command–your next destination. Listen to the party chat after stepping outside the Central Healing Tower to receive a few clues about what the paths are like. We recommend taking the right-most path first–it’s the longest of the paths, but doesn’t have any mini-bosses.

(1 of 2) It’s a bit disrespectful looting the items here, but they’ll be more useful in the hands of the living than the dead.

It’s a bit disrespectful looting the items here, but they’ll be more useful in the hands of the living than the dead. (left), (right)

Follow the long, snowy path, as it snakes around the snowy mountains and countryside, fending off the local wildlife with utmost care. When the path nears the east side of Eternia, it will branch; from here, continue east to reach Gravemark Village.

Speak to the old man by the house to the north to learn more about the village or rest and recover your health. While you’re here, inspect the graves along the bottom, to the right of the entrance, to find an useful Ice Charm, and the grave below the northern house to recover a Light Curtain.

Back on the snowy trail, continue trudging through the snow until you reach the north of Eternia, where the path branches in multiple directions. The path above leads directly to Eternian Central Command. Meanwhile the path below and to the left will take you back to Eternia city, although they are guarded by mini-bosses.

For now, you may wish to head for the left path; before long you’ll come across the back of a giant, ominous dragon–approach it to begin another mini-boss battle.

Boss: Dragon Zombie

Level HP Weak to
44 25,000 Fire, Light, Undead, Dragon

If you’re feeling sneaky, this boss can be slain with two simple moves; at the beginning of the battle, Brave at least twice and use a Phoenix Down or cast Raise on the Zombie Dragon. With luck, the Zombie Dragon will be felled in one hit, although there’s a 25% chance that the move will fail.

Immediately after the dragon dies, it will use Rise From The Dead to recover all HP. At this point, you just need a second Phoenix Down or Raise to finish it once for all. Honestly, there’s no reason not to use this trick now that you know it!

However maybe you’re feeling hardcore or maybe you just want an excuse to prolong the game. Well, that’s totally fine too! Make sure to equip everyone with Star Pendants, as the Zombie Dragon will use Poison Breath to damage and inflict poison to your party.

With no poison damage to worry about, this battle should be a cakewalk, especially if you pile on the fire-based attacks. Just be warned that the Zombie Dragon will revive with full HP after you slay it the first time.

Next, it’s time to clear out the remaining Eternian defenses. Return to the crossroads before Eternian Central Command and this time take the path leading down. If you took on the Zombie Dragon straight on, you may wish to rest at Eternia or Gravemark Village, as another tough mini-boss awaits below.

Similarly, if you couldn’t afford some of the better equipment at Eternia, now would be a good time to see if you have enough funds to complete your gear.

Boss: Guardian

Level HP Weak to
45 90,000 Lightning

Remember the Automatons at Grapp Keep? This mechanical guard is similar to those, so expect the usual Rocket Punches to your party and Limiter Rescission to bolster its attack and drop its defense. On every third turn, the party will be assaulted by Assist Attack, which does 1500 HP to all characters.

It’s a good idea to keep a count of which turn you’re on, so you can restore your party to full HP before Assist Attack batters your party. To improve your odds, use the Performer’s Got Your Back to up your defense and the Pirate’s Defang or White Mage‘s Dispel to lower the Guardian’s attack.

As soon as you’re ready to advance, head due north, for the orange exclamation mark, where Eternian Central Command awaits.


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